Dead Sea Scrolls lectures available online (or in person if you can get there)

As I noted last year, the Dead Sea Scrolls are in Seattle, and in conjunction with the exhibition is a series of eleven lectures at Town Hall. Tonight's lecture is The Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus & The Da Vinci Code. These lectures are rebroadcast on The Seattle Channel, and it appears that the city also makes the video available via streaming media. It takes a few weeks for them to make it to the archive page, though. The first lecture in the series, Dead Sea Scrolls: Early Judaism and the Births of Christianity just went up. Fascinating stuff.

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  1. sergio says:

    Hey, thanks a lot! Btw, my favorite for cool lectures is For a reasonable price (when the course is on sale, and something is always on sale) you can get a plain MP3 with quality lectures usable on any device. For example, a good sequel to Dead Sea Scrolls lectures can be (see under Religion) "History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon".  Disclaimer: I don’t work for them, but I’ve bought a lot lectures from them.

  2. AQ says:

    Thanks for the link! Found you via msdn where one doesn’t expect to find links to lectures on Apocrypha but am pleasantly surprised nonetheless…

  3. Dead Sea Scrolls lectures available online

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