Project Update 2: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth

If everything went according to plan, the trip to the hole in the Arctic Ocean should have completed a few months ago. I went to the web site to see what they found, only to discover that it's been postponed another year, to June 26, 2007.

This is clearly the handiwork of the world government attempting to suppress the release of information they have all held in secret for decades. All their attempts to prevent the discovery of the polar opening only serves to confirm its existence!

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  1. nidive says:

    If you are interested in Theravada Buddhism, there is an interesting passage in one of the major suttas, although it is of miniscule importance to most Theravada Buddhists.


    12. And the Venerable Ananda approached the Blessed One, and respectfully greeting him, sat down at one side. Then he spoke to the Blessed One, saying: "Marvellous it is indeed, and most wonderful! The earth shakes mightily, tremendously! Dreadful and astonishing it is how the thunders roll across the heavens! What could be the reason, what the cause, that so mighty an earthquake should arise?"

    13. Then the Blessed One said: "There are eight reasons, Ananda, eight causes for a mighty earthquake to arise. What are those eight?

    14. "This great earth, Ananda, is established upon liquid, the liquid upon the atmosphere, and the atmosphere upon space. And when, Ananda, mighty atmospheric disturbances take place, the liquid is agitated. And with the agitation of the liquid, tremors of the earth arise. This is the first reason, the first cause for the arising of mighty earthquakes.


    A hollow Earth? Yes, according to the Buddha.

  2. Justin Bowler says:

    Maybe it’s delayed because the organizer died . . .

    Of course, maybe he didn’t really die, he just went down into the earth!

  3. stpaddy says:

    What are you trying to say?

  4. Ralf says:

    I, for one, welcome our subterranean underlords.

  5. Arlie Davis says:

    Actually, no, I’m not interested in what another crackpot has to say about the beliefs of a first set of crackpots.

    If the Buddha said that peanut butter can make you fly, would you believe that?

  6. dave says:

    How can something that is known to be flat be described as ‘hollow’?

  7. Danny says:

    Flat earth != plane earth

  8. nidive says:

    Hollow Planets Theory


    Could it be that beyond a certain point density again decreases thereby refracting seismic waves around a cavity? There is a shadow area which occurs 7,000 miles from earthquake epicentres. This shadow area can be easily explained if we assume that a hollow shell’s density increases up to a point and thereafter decreases again. This will cause seismic waves to be split with some being refracted back up to the surface while others are refracted around a cavity. This would result in the exact characteristics seen in the shadow area.

    Could the erratic rotation of the Earth, and perhaps even the Chandler Wobble be caused by huge oceans of water which are hidden deep inside the crust of a cool hollow Earth?


    I am thinking that the decrease in density is due to some form of liquid below the crust. It may not be water.


    Stars, like our Sun, are driven by nuclear fusion. This is a process where very light elements are combined and this releases vast amounts of energy. One needs a considerable mass for such a reaction to actually work. But what of nuclear fission? This is where very heavy elements like uranium are split and this also causes a release of energy. The critical mass required for a nuclear fission reaction to work is actually very little. Could a little nuclear fission star exist inside a Hollow Planet?


    Could there be some form of nuclear reaction taking place inside the hollow earth that accounts for the "atmospheric disturbances"?

    Maybe our Earth is an inverted Sun?

  9. reader says:

    > A hollow Earth? Yes, according to the Buddha.

    Actually, I don’t see at all where in the passage nidive quoted that describes the earth being hollow, unless "filled with liquid" is considered a form of hollowness.

    –in which case, do note that the "outer core" layer of the earth *is* actually liquid, and while the mantel (the layer that actually directly causes tectonic movement)is technically solid, it does flow due to the pressure and heat involved.

    Now the passage quoted is more likely referring to the oceans when it says "liquid", and most of it (especially the thing about the "atmospheric disturbances" causing earthquakes) isn’t scientific accurate under even a generous interpretation, but I still don’t see where it talks about hollow-earth

  10. Arlie Davis says:

    "Could it be…"  …  "Maybe our Earth…"  …  "I am thinking that…"

    Nothing but speculation.  Not a shred of evidence.

    Wishing does not make something true.  Science is not a popularity contest, or a wishing well.  Evidence, people, evidence!

  11. nidive says:

    "Could it be…"  …  "Maybe our Earth…"  …  "I am thinking that…"

    > Nothing but speculation.  Not a shred of evidence.

    A little imagination doesn’t hurt. Great ideas come from imaginations.

    Whether the Earth is hollow or not, it doesn’t affect anyone’s life, not mine anyway.

  12. Igor says:

    So Raymond, was that (now supposedly dead) guy a scammer who just took the money from people and vanished or what?

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