Real Madrid (i.e., proper football) comes to Seattle

Hot off the presses. Real Madrid (with David Beckham, Ronaldo, and other stars) will play an exhibition match against D. C. United in Seah^H^H^H^HQuest Field on Wednesday, August 9th. I wonder if it'll be anything like the last soccer match I saw. At least let's hope they're ready to play instead of having tired themselves out playing video games.

Tickets go on sale today.

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  1. Weasel says:

    Don’t you usually play "on" a field?

  2. Cody says:

    He was preparing to write "Seahawks Stadium" which is apparently named the "Qwest Field".

  3. Daniel says:

    I’m from Madrid and a Real Madrid fan. :-) Raymond, have you bought your ticket yet?

    [Yup. -Raymond]
  4. peterchen says:

    Enjoy the game – I hope it will be good!

  5. Martijn says:

    Wouldn’t that be Seah^H^H^H^HQwest Field (notice the w)?  I only knew this because it is like that in the post about the last soccer match you saw.

  6. It’s good to see growing interest in football ("soccer") in the US. Apparently almost 17 million people in the US watched the 2006 World Cup Final – 4 times as many as in 2002!

  7. seattleite says:

    Any idea, where the players are staying ? Which hotel? Whats their schedule ? I would really like to get some auto and photo (graphs)

    [It’s amazing what you can find if you search the Internet. You should try it. -Raymond]

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