Making up new Winter Olympic events

My approach to inventing new Winter Olympic events is to create new opportunities for head-to-head competition, opening the door to new dramatic possibilities. For example, in Ski Jump Biathlon, one team jumps while the other team tries to shoot them (with paint pellets, of course) as they sail through the air. In Figure Curling, one team performs a free skate while the other team hurls granite stones down the ice in an attempt to foil that triple toe loop.

Japanese filmmaker Riichiro Mashima was also bitten by the sport-inventing bug. His creation: Ski Jumping Pairs. I'm going to have to check it out.

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  1. Morten says:

    Two danish comedians, Monrad & Rislund, did a faked radio-reportage from Olympic Ski Drop – a Ski Jump with the landing area dotted with iron bars, poles and various other nasty stuff. The goal for the athletes is to get injured and/or killed in the most spectacular way possible. The event included cheating by starting with broken legs, and a team surprising everyone by the entire team doing a jump in a four-man bob.

  2. Someone says:

    I always wondered when the mixed doubles in the luge event would be invented.

  3. JonDR says:

    Chinese crested dog sled teams?

  4. David Smith says:

    I just checked the Windows Confidential article you linked to, and can’t resist asking what in heaven’s name anyone is doing with a web browser on a server? Or am I just hopelessly old-fashioned? I hear that MediaPlayer is installed by default on Server2003, too…

  5. Chee Wee says:

    I think you guys are reading too much Foxtrot

  6. Starfish says:

    Someone, you’re a genius, except for the two-people-on-a-luge thing; the competitors would be scared stiff. (…yup, you ARE a genius.)

  7. ride the latest craze says:

    The biathlon could be revamped to include whatever is the latest craze.  These days, why not have a poker biathlon?

  8. jeffdav says:

    That sounds suspiciously like the sport I tried to invent where snowboarders have to ski a course with occasional stops to shoot at the ski competitions on the next run over.  Then, at the bottom, they wrestle a bear.  To the death.

  9. Brooks Moses says:

    David Smith: "Server 2003" is an operating system name, not a usage description.  I prefer to run the Server versions of Windows on my desktop machines when I can — for me, the user experience is substantially better with 2k3 than XP, and I also like having all my data stored on mirrored partitions.

    As for using a web browser on a machine that’s running as a server: I can certainly see it, at least for a one-computer installation.  Either for looking up documentation if there isn’t a non-server computer handy, or for downloading software patches.  But, then, I’m thinking about a server that does a little local-network file storage, and serves some low-priority web pages and a source repository for a small research group.  Your five-nines-uptime rack-mounted corporate shopping cart server may differ.  :)

  10. Mike Edwards says:

    Reminds me of an old BBC broadcast of the Cambridge Footlights review years ago – "… and there have already been some fatalities in the 400 metres javelin relay."

  11. DotFrandsen says:

    Jeg er ikke den eneste, der er kreativ med hensyn til nye sportsgrene. Se blot hvad Raymond Chen hitter…

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