Seattle boating season opens but never closes

This past weekend was Opening Day of the Seattle boating season. This tends to create traffic chaos in the Montlake neighborhood, which leads to confusing newspaper headlines like Opening Day closure. I remember many years ago asking a boat-owning colleague, "So, when does boating season close?"

"Oh, it doesn't close."

"Then why do they have an Opening Day for something that hasn't closed?"

"It gives the slacker fair-weather boaters a target date to get their boats back in condition. It really should be called something like Bring Out Your Boats Day."

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  1. Vorn says:

    "I’m not sunk!  I’m getting better!"


  2. DavidE says:

    The same basic thing happens with whitewater rafting and kayaking. Most people start the "season" in early May and quit in mid-September, but with the right clothing it’s possible to run year-round.

  3. BryanK says:

    "I feel happy!  I feel hap-"  *clunk*

  4. A pleasant way to spend a morning.

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