More about the house in front of Microsoft’s RedWest campus

After I mentioned that house in front of Microsoft's RedWest campus, I received an e-mail message from Mike Daly which corrects some of my mistakes and provides additional details:

Actually, there were two houses in the strip in front of RedWest. The one you show has not been moved. The other ended up on blocks and parked opposite the RedWest driveway while the parking garage was built. That house eventually was moved north down the street and put on a foundation (about two years ago). You can see it in the middle of this picture. The yard is in straw, and there is a new blacktop drive going down the north side into the backyard.

After the house was put on the foundation, a sign went up to subdivide the land. As far as I can tell, the house has never been lived in (in the new location). In fact the electricity has not been connected. I've been running past those houses for years, and it has been strange to watch the one move up and down the street. Also, when the land was purchased by Microsoft, there were two old chicken coops in the middle of the property under the largest blackberry brambles you have ever seen.

I also recommend that you go back to that earlier article, because there's some good info in the comments.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Someone’s house is getting zapped by a huge laser in the middle of that shot.

    It’s funny.  I always thought it was just some techno-house of the future type thing that MS had put together back before I moved to Seattle.

  2. Alun Jones says:

    The comment thread in the previous article about Mount Rainier being the big threat to the region reminded me that Microsoft had a competition to name their new data-centre.  The winning entry was "Rainier", because "it’s solid and reliable, unchanging and constant" (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea).  The announcement of the name was made at the same time the USGS declared Rainier to be one of three mountains most likely to blow up.

  3. Don says:

    "Someone’s house is getting zapped by a huge laser in the middle of that shot."  Yeah whats up with that?  Did Microsoft install a Tesla coil?

    I was noticing that in the Welcome window in the lower left hand corner Windows Live Local it mentions WingTip Toys.  I’ve noticed on Microsoft Certification tests, MSDN articles, and now Windows Live Local that Microsoft uses WingTip Toys (and a few others like Datum and WoodGrooveBanks) as examples companies.  Just wondering if anyone knows 1) if Microsoft owns patents on these names 2) if Microsoft specifies that employees use these dummy company names in their documentation if they have to create examples with company names 3) any reason why those names where picked?  Just wondering. Thanks.

  4. Mark Sowul says:

    Ha, the Rainier thing reminds me of the IE commercials with "Confutatis Maledictis" playing prominently.

  5. asdf says:

    Oooh, this part of the city has roads laid out even more maze-like than normal.

  6. Coleman says:

    Did Pepsi and Coke pay for advertising placement?  Trucks from both companies are clearly visible in the pictures.  I thought that was funny…  Kind of like platent advertising in sitcoms or something.  

  7. allegro says:

    I wanted to clear up some of the misconceptions regarding the Morelli house still standing on 148th Ave NE. I am a close relative, living on the Eastside; actually I am the beneficiary of the estate with regards to the house! The original owners are Redmond pioneers who developed a chicken/egg farm on the property in 1915.  They built the farm, survived the Depression, raised their children and provided for their grandchildren on this acreage and more in the surrounding area. It was a difficult, but necessary decision to sell this remaining piece of property, our home for many generations.  I am not old enough to know what this property looked like when my grandparents started their farm, but when the Microsoft excavation of the property was completed, I had the opportunity to see the land as it had been almost 100 years ago.  It was an incredibly emotional moment for me when the bulldozer engine was turned off.  All was quiet. The view before me was just what my grandfather and his brothers saw.  It is a tremendous landscape with the Cascades in the background…a sweeping hill…the perfect place….We are proud that Microsoft bought this piece and has built a beautiful campus.  The owner of the remaining house in front of the campus has lived here all his life and chose to live out his years in the house he was raised in.  He has given greatly to the community as a Redmond High School teacher and coach.  No amount of money, trips, etc that Microsoft could offer would change his decision to stay there.  Money would not motivate him to leave.  I am so thankful that I am able to still go over to his house, enjoy his home cooked meals and bring my children into the exact house where their great grandparents and grandmother lived.  The memories I have every time I walk through that door I can share with my husband and children.  These are some of the many reasons that this house remains standing today.  It will not be torn down.  I hope that I have given some insight into the history of the "remaining house".  The place where you work, shoot baskets, have lunch, and read your book by the waterfall has a history and special meaning…for you and for us…I hope that I have given some insight into the history of the "remaining house". I am happy to answer any questions and to continue this thread.

    Most Sincerely, Allegro

  8. Thanks, Allegro, for your touching story.

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