Music to slip into a playlist to see if anybody is listening

When I was visiting my brother earlier this year, I found this CD in my sister-in-law's collection. Oy vey's mir! There's just something fundamentally wacked out about the whole idea. (Maybe that's why I liked it. Here's what other people think.)

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  1. Julie Lerman says:

    Raymond: "oy vey’s mir"? (asks this nice Jewish girl) Where’d you pick up such yiddish? :-)

  2. anon says:

    I think Raymond’s an NPR fan, and Terry Gross just last week had this guy:

    on talking about oy vey mir…


    Very good interview BTW.

  3. Jon Galloway says:

    And if you get away with that, you have to go for The Most Unwanted Song (

  4. Mark Wan says:

    You might also be interested in a Duke Ellington version as well:

  5. *Throws leg up on table*

    I’ve got that beat.

    /best Richard Dreyfuss voice.

    Put THAT into your playlist this holiday!

  6. Hapool says:

    Julie, Raymond HAS mentioned that he is fascinated with Germanic languages.


  7. Jonathan says:

    "Oy vey’s mir"

    Should be "Oy Vey Zmir" – Hebrew is אוי ויי זמיר, not sure about exact latin translitarion.

  8. x says:

    Myself, I found I can go a long way with the musical diversity till I get to put the Outthere Brothers’ "I Want to Fuck You in the Ass"… and even then, some people wouldn’t notice the lyrics.

  9. How about <a href="">Oy To The World</a>? It’s an awesome album. :)

  10. Aww, not even simple HTML?? :p

    For the HTML illiterate among you, that link should be

    Merry Christmukkah! ;)

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