Blog design as a form of reality programming

On one of our internal blogging aliases, some people were interested in ways of making their blog look spiffier, and the Max team's blog was pointed out as an example of a "pimped out blog". This in turn led to exchange of tips and tricks and someone even proposed an informal Pimp My Blog contest. What next? Extreme Blog Makeover? Trading MSN Spaces?

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  1. Bryce Kerley says:

    I’d watch it, it’s hard coming up with a good design that looks good in both modern and clunky old browsers.

  2. Björn Graf says:

    The only negative thing of that design is the small text size of the comments. Seems like most CS templates like to treat comments as unimportant additions…

  3. Wound says:

    Blog Idol?

  4. PatriotB says:

    The Max team’s blog certainly is pimped out. But unfortunately they fall short in the content area (only two posts).

    Of course, no one could ever compete with Raymond’s 1+ postings every day. :)

  5. They have more than two posts – click into the Post Categories to see them.

  6. e says:

    As pimped out as Max’s blog is — it’s real thin on content. It’s pretty, but not useful, and only really there to say Max has a blog lookie us.

  7. Roger Clark says:

    This post was probably just an excuse to make the joke "Trading MSN Spaces."

  8. Transparency:

    Transparent shadows that actually move over the background and transparent menu bars that do the same are the new hotness in an era with more and more transparency in the OS. With the right bugs in IE (and png transparency everywhere else), one can do quite a bit of cool trickery. It’s a cheap trick, but it’s a catchy one.


    Think "low frequency" and "low gradient" when looking at your page. Every line, image, and break in color creates a higher ugliness-coefficient.


    Get a book, or search for it, but color-harmony is the single most important lesson that web developers (and, resultantly, bloggers) should learn. Raymond’s site has a nice "grampa’s armchair" feel to it. This is either determined automatically, intuitively, or through iterative reduction.

  9. Dean Harding says:

    Raymond’s site has a nice "grampa’s armchair" feel to it.

    Hehehehehe :)

    You’re going to have to put some racing stripes or something on your site now, Raymond, you don’t want to have a "grampa’s armchair" feel, do you?

  10. PatriotB says:

    Yikes. Only seeing two posts on the main page, I honestly would never have thought that more were hiding under "Post Categories." I always thought the main page had "everything" (up to a fixed number) and that subsets of that "everything" could be put into categories.

    Wonder how many other blogs’ postings I’ve missed out on? :)

  11. TC says:

    The top two thirds of that page is relatively useless content. If that’s "pimped out", I’ll take the un-pimped version, thanks!

  12. Regarding the "grampa’s armchair" comment, I merely ment that the colors felt comfortable (though the background color feels pretty cold on an uncalibrated monitor.

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