Fair Isle: Knitters Wanted

The National Trust of Scotland has two houses to let on the island of Fair Isle, population: 65. The two properties are available at a very reasonable rate of only £300. Per year. Although the National Trust does not promise a job, it points out that there are skill shortages in construction and knitting. The knitting cooperative apparently has more orders than it can fill. (You can listen to the entire story and find a link to the original advertisement on NPR's web site.)

(Alas, the deadline for applications has passed. That NPR story led to an avalanche of interest from the United States, mostly from knitters.)

This story reminded me that my friend Wendy made money on the side in her younger days doing hand knitting. I wonder how many people bought a lovely English hand-knitted sweater imagining it having been created by a sweet old lady in a rocking chair, when in fact it was done by a fifteen-year-old girl with a shaved head and an attitude while sitting in front of the telly watching Dallas.

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  1. TC says:

    Must … try … to … imagine … Raymond … knitting; must … try … harder; must … try … harder …

    Sorry: it just doesn’t work for me!

  2. Vorn says:

    That’s it. Somebody get Mr. Chen a webcam.


  3. Brian says:

    That would explain how his hands got so withered

  4. :: Wendy :: says:

    With Rayomnd, I went to see the film "The Corporation", an excellent film that uses DSM IV (Diagnositcs and Statistics Manual IV – used by psychistricst as criteria for diagnosing mental illness) to analyse the behaviour of ‘Corporations’ and concludes that thy are ‘Psyncotic’

    He sat next to me knitting in the prelude to the film. I didnt notice if he managed to knit throughout the film. Admittedly there was something a bit ‘Unique’ about the whole experience.

    It’s easier to knit when there are not cats nearby to chew your needles. So I can empathise with taking your knitting out of the house…

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