Black(out) humor at the 2005 PDC

Trying to make light (get it? light?) of the situation, there were quite a few jokes about the power outage at the PDC. The Hands-On Lab was being set up at the time the building went dark. A bunch of us speculated what the technicians must have been thinking when the power went out just as they plugged in a rack of computers... Perhaps in reaction to this, the "Frequently-Used Tasks" section of the Hands-On Labs software included a new task: Cause Power Outage. I of course couldn't resist and clicked on it. "Shame on you!" it roared back at me.

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  1. CornedBee says:

    Gives an entire new meaning to "hands-on", doesn’t it? Can you type blind?

  2. Many years back I worked in the QA dept. of Seagate Software. We were nearing the end of a developement cycle when we lost power one day. When the power came back on more than an hour later I jokingly submitted a defect (a 1A – the highest priority and severity) into the defect tracking system saying the program unexpectedly crashed on me. For additional details I attached a screen shot, basically an all black bitmap 800×600.

    The nerdy things we do to pass the time during power outages. :)

  3. jensenh says:

    I heard a lot of "someone must have plugged in an Itanium box" back in the hotel lobby…

  4. jensenh says:

    Funny, I hadn’t read your other post when I made my "Itanium" comment. I guess that’s why the MS people were making the Itanium joke in the first place.

  5. tsrblke says:

    Yeah, those power outages are rough. My Boss’s friend works a med school as an eye surgury tech. He has to edit and render the video for the most recent surguries for review. (I don’t ask why.) We had a recent virus scare, and our head IT person freaked out and ordered every computer shut off and not restarted until the new patch installers were in place. (Odd domain system we got here). The IT crew came late at night, using Security master keys to get into offices (like a plague of locusts the friend said) Shutting off computers without even thinking. They killed his which was in the middle of a LONG render. He lost 3 days of work. Needless to say he was…erg…angry. What’s worse is the virus only affected Win2k machines, but the order went out to shut them off indescriminately, even though well over half of our machines are XP (or transitioning to XP). Gotta love a IT team that really doesn’t understand stuff in hole. I’m told that the "shut everything off" order (along with the team of IT locusts) actually caused more problems than the virus did, go figure.

    (All names refering this this school have hopefully been removed.)

  6. Norman Diamond says:

    I guess an adult blog can specify what you should get your hands on during a blackout ^u^

    And now you know what happens when you configure too many power users.

  7. Merak says:

    I was sitting in a training session years ago when some guys were showing how to use Win95.

    They showed the new "X" at the top-right and explained it would shut the app down.

    They pressed it at which point we had a power outage.

    In the dark I heard someone remark : "That’s some powerful X. I think I’ll stick to Alt-F4"

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