Free bicycles to borrow at Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park just keeps getting better.

Just this year, they added a little Subway sandwich shop, so you don't even have to pack for a picnic in the park. Next, free Wi-Fi (sponsored by MSN). Then movies in the park (sponsored by First Tech Credit Union).

The latest addition is free bicycles (sponsored by Dasani). Show a photo ID and you get a cardkey that gives you access to one-speed coaster-brake bicycles you can borrow for the day.

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  1. Jeff Key says:

    What megacorp sponsors Mother Nature?

  2. JobsBlog says:

    Wow. That’s awesome! I saw the bikes out there last week, but I didn’t know what was going on. I love myself some Marymoor Park!


  3. Gene says:

    While those of us in less advanced "civilizations" (Orlando, FL) that still worship the car as god, just look on with envy.

    If you like this sort of thing, don’t move to Florida. It sucks and the people are really rude.

  4. kory says:

    All this "free" stuff, but they charge you to park there, despite already getting money from property taxes to support this and other parks.

  5. Nick Lamb says:

    Ha, until this I’d forgotten that Dasani was a big hit in the US. Several of my co-workers use Dasani bottles at work for drinking water because of the irony/ shock value. "Hey, isn’t that…?", "Yeah, I drink it for the healthy glow".

    In the UK as in the US, Dasani was just tap water + industrial chemicals + Coca-Cola marketing muscle, but unfortunately in the UK they more or less deliberately poisoned it with Bromate (sort of inevitably, a carcinogen) while advertising it as "pure" water. Neither the advertising standards body, the water supplier nor the food safety people liked this, and combined with press coverage it killed the brand dead in the UK and took all Coca-Cola’s plans for Dasani in Europe with it.

    It’s a shame they didn’t do the bike thing here, they’d probably have abandoned a few thousand perfectly serviceable Dasani branded bikes in the larger parks and cross country cycle routes when they pulled out…

  6. Offtopic to the original conversation, but per Dasani – I really don’t get it when people get haughty and condescending about Dasani (being from Coke, it has to be imperfect, right?) and its ilk. Dasani might not have spurted out of some random "well" (which could be heavily contaminated with farm runoff, as many "real" bottled waters are), but I think the gist of it all along was that it was heavily filtered, and then remineralized, tap water. Last I looked, most municipalities don’t use reverse osmosis to filter their water, and largely rely on bulk filters followed by a massive shock of chlorine to keep you from dying from it.

  7. Stuart Barlow says:

    Yeah from Coke it probably does involve poisoning natives, stealing drinking water that was available for free and generally attempting to corrupt local governments. They are just GREEAATT! Dennis, please keep giving all your money to Coke for crap when in the UK you can buy (for the same price) water that has only certified organic farmland feeding into it. Its the standard mega-glomerate form over fuction.

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