Windows NT Security in Theory and Practice

Today, I'm not writing anything new. Instead, I'm referring you to the series of articles by Ruediger Asche starting with Windows NT Security in Theory and Practice. These articles are quite old but the principles are still sound. Just bear in mind that the newer stuff won't be covered.

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  1. Mike Dimmick says:

    I’d like to add a vote for "Programming Windows Security" by Keith Brown. Keith explains both old and new stuff very well.

    Keith’s new security book for .NET developers can be found in Wiki form at

  2. paul says:

    so many nice nuggets on msdn that have been lost over the years. Recently I installed the MSDN that came with VC4.x and was so surprised at how many good articles that are out there (similar to the ones Rudeiger have written about)

  3. Raymond Chen pointed out an older, but still very good, set of security articles for the Windows platform called Windows NT Security in Theory and Practice. Although these were published in 1995, I have always found them to be a good resource dealing with the CORE security aspects of the Windows system. If you want a nuts-and-bolts approach to the security driving Windows, this is the resource for you. Of course due to its age, it won’t be covering the newer stuff in the server platform. A lot has changed in Srv03 and should be considered when reviewing this content. Here’s a tip for you. There is a LOT of other interesting security resources to read about at the save level on MSDN. In other words, check out the other articles on the left hand TOC NAV side. You will find many of those resources interesting to read….

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