Curling proves itself much more exciting than hockey this year

NPR reports on an amazing last-rock shot at the Canadian women's curling championship (includes link to CBC video). It's odd hearing Melissa Block discussing curling in decidedly non-curling terms (for the benefit of the decidedly non-curling US listenership). One of the advantages of living in the Seattle area is that you can get all the curling coverage you want from the CBC just over the border.

The National Post has a report loaded with curling jargon, for those who prefer their curling coverage filled with discussion of draw weight, stolen deuces, and in-turns.

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  1. Mike says:

    You know curling is growing when NPR and Raymond mention it!

  2. bramster says:

    All those women yelling "harder, harder, faster, faster. . ."

  3. quanta says:

    It’s gotta be at least as interesting as poker championships.

    And that deflection shot into the corner pocket, as it were, was pretty neat.

  4. Adam Barr says:

    I saw the shot live (yes I actually scheduled ahead of time to watch a curling game) and although I know it was a great shot and a high-pressure situation, in a sense it’s really just a pool shot, you have to hit the Ontario stone at the right angle and then you’re golden. You don’t need to make it curl and you don’t have to worry about weight (as long as you throw it hard enough) because the shooter is going to hit another rock at the end. So I’m surprised it is being hailed as the "best shot ever". Then again I have never actually curled. One thing is your sweepers can’t help you, because you have to throw it so heavy — if you aim wrong initially you can’t do much about it.

    Jenn Hanna is right, however. She should have drawn deeper with her last rock in an effort to sit two instead of guarding the out-turn side of the rings.

    I think they call that the Bill Clinton shot…the in-turn past the guard (hoho, a little curling humor anyone?!?).

    – adam

    P.S. For all you Seattleites or others with access to CBC, they are showing the Men’s tournament (the Brier) this week, finals next weekend.

  5. Marc Bernard says:

    Those in the know realize that curling has always been more exciting than hockey. Even here in Canada.


  6. Josh Koppang says:

    Funny thing that you mentioned curling. I, too was bit by the curling bug first in the ’98 Olympics and then during the ’02 Olympics. Unlucky thing that I live in Texas (native of WA). The only ice we have is in our drinks (and that doesn’t last long either).

  7. Isaac Lin says:

    Regarding the shot being "just a pool shot", remember it was made from about 86 feet away. All curling shots curl a bit, and although there was a little latitude on the angle, a little bit too high or low and Manitoba’s shot just skips off the Ontario stone and doesn’t move it far enough. The number of times you see this kind of shot made with the two stones separated by ~ 6 feet even in championship play is pretty low.

    I miss the old corn brooms that were used in the past (loved that slapping sound as they hit the ice), but the quality of ice thanks to both the ice makers and brooms that don’t shed debris is better than ever nowadays. The level of play for the men is amazing; just one great shot after another.

  8. Bryce Kerley says:

    The Daily Show on Feb. 16 addressed this right at the beginning.

    "I watch more curling than I watched hockey. Do not cancel curling."

    They had a special report about bloggers too.

  9. Mr. Ed says:

    With all those brooms, curling should have the cleaniest floors of any sport!

  10. Neil says:

    If you live in the Seattle area and ever want to try curling out, there’s actually a curling club (filled with a ton of expats from Canada :).


  11. Raymond Chen says:

    Geritable: What does that have to do with curling?

  12. John Mollman says:

    While I won’t try to argue that curling is or isn’t exciting, I have to say that being more exciting than hockey this year isn’t saying much. Unless you’re able to watch Swedish Elite League games or are a fan of photographs of Trevor Linden looking disheveled outside of airport conference rooms there’s precious little hockey excitement for us North Americans this year. Ron MacLean doing "Movie Night in Canada"? Good grief . . .

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