If the Euro 2004 tournament were a video game

If the Euro 2004 tournament were a video game, it might have looked like this. View recreations of the tournament highlights, and since the graphics are computer-generated, you can select among multiple camera angles, embody a specific player, or see what it's like to be the ball itself!

(Via MetaFilter.)

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  1. margo says:

    how do you sign up

  2. Oakyman says:

    Didn’t know that Americans are interested in football (I mean "soccer"), too.

  3. Kent says:

    Who isn’t? It’s the "world game" . . .

  4. Mormegil says:

    Isn’t this a little bit outdated topic? ;-)

    Mat Hall: And what game can you stand? Or is chasing a piece of hard rubber better? :-)

    On a related theme: during the Ice Hockey World Cup, there were commercials for EA Sports NHL 2005. If the only thing they add each year in these series is the up-to-date realism, shouldn’t this version contain only a big "strike" message? :-)

  5. Mat Hall says:

    I prefer something like cricket — the game itself is long enough that you’re unlikely to miss a crucial play if you get up to go to the toilet, and it means instead of telling the wife I’m off to drink beer and lounge about in the sun for three days I can use the excuse I’m off to watch a major sporting event.

    On the whole, though, I think sport has become too much of a commercial enterprise, and everyone’s in it for the money rather than the love of the game. Call me old fashioned (or just plain stupid) but the good ol’ days when "professional" sportsmen tended to have a day job and got paid a nugatory sum for playing the sport made the whole thing more appealing.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled prgramming…

  6. Mat Hall says:

    I can’t stand the game*, but that’s pretty cool none the less. If they could do it in real time then it’d be even better.

    On a vaguely related note, many years ago I started (but never finished) a real time snooker (like pool, only better) version of this; it would take an image of the table from an overhead camera and recreate it in a virtual environment allowing you to view the table from any angle, make "what if" predictions, etc. At least that was the theory, but I never quite got it to work before I got bored and moved on to my next brainwave. Having seen this, I may now revisit it…

    * It’s not so much the game itself, it’s more that some players earn the GDP of a small nation in a single week just for running up and down chasing an inflated pig…

  7. Tom M says:

    Mat, I like cricket too, but I must counter your argument about not missing too much if you get up to go to the toilet. I was at Old Trafford several years ago watching England play Australia and twice I went to the toilet and missed Ian Botham taking a wicket. Bah!!

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