Another chance to see Elvis take on a mummy

For those in the Seattle area who missed it last year, The Fremont Outdoor Cinema is screening Bubba Ho-Tep on Friday, July 9th.

Go see it. You won't be disappointed. Assuming what you were expecting to see was Elvis fighting a mummy. With the help of JFK. In a wheelchair.

If you were expecting something else, then okay maybe you'll be disappointed after all.

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  1. kevin white says:

    After you’re done with the screening, buy / rent the DVD. Bruce Campbell does his entire commentary as Elvis.

  2. Matt Lee says:

    Please, No! I’ll never get that 1 1/2 hours of my life back. I don’t care about the 4 buck to rent the DVD, but time is precious. A friend at work recommended it to me and i’ll never forgive him for it.

    It’s a cool concept but in reality i don’t think i lauged the entire time. Perhaps if i had been a masochist and tried the commentary i would have felt better about my choices. As it is now, my wife doubts my judgement in DVD rentals.

  3. David Lister says:

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. My friends and I had a hoot watching Bubba Ho-Tep laughing throughout the movie.

  4. alfons says:

    Who’s playing JFK?

  5. Ben Hutchings says:

    It’s also showing at the Cambridge Film Festival ( on the same day, coincidentally. I must decide which films to book for before the good ones sell out.

    alfons: No-one plays JFK. Ossie Davis plays a character who thinks he’s JFK.

  6. Drew says:

    Ben: Or maybe Ossie Davis’s character really is JFK. Just like maybe Bruce Campbell’s character only thinks he’s Elvis or maybe he really is Elvis. It’s part of the tinfoil hat mystery of the story.

    Since seeng the movie, I’ve been meaning to check out some of "champion mojo storyteller" Joe R. Lansdale’s other writing:

  7. Tim Smith says:

    At BioWare we had a small movie night. We saw Bubba Ho-Tep and Storm Troupers 2. To say the least, Bubba Ho-Tep was MUCH better. :)

  8. Dworkin says:

    Good, bad, he’s the one with the thing on his pecker.

  9. Miles Archer says:

    Thanks, it’s now on my netflix queue.

  10. The GURK that F*D Your M*M says:

    Well, I was disappointed. It realy was kinda crappy. Though, I’m not a total loser fanboy who would service Bruce Campbell orally. The whole segment about how Ho-Tep got to where he is, the toilet hieroglyphics, the pimp outfit on the zombie, the incessant penis jokes that weren’t funny… It was realy sad. You can shoot it so that it looks like shit, but for chrissakes have a good goddamn script. And as for that night at BioWare, sounds like a real hum dinger. A screening of "Storm Troupers 2"? I guess that is probably retard-speak for Starship Troopers 2. Whoever chooses the pics to watch at that company should be fired immediately. I’d rather watch Devine eat hot fresh steamy dog shit over and over while force-fed fudge than watch one more minute of that POS movie, ST2. If you want more shitty movies to watch, I’d suggest the whole Troma video catalog, anything released "straight to video," and any movie starring Eric Roberts.

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