My first death threat

Actual feedback submitted to the web site many years ago.

id: 13726
Date: 1996-07-29 17:27:41.997
Name: ***********
Email: *************
Area: Windows 95
PLEASE read this entire email as it is quite serious. I just discovered today that in the Windows 95 operating system, there are no switches, command line options, or any way whatsoever to have the XCOPY command include hidden/system files in it's operations. It is clear that at some point in the development of the Windows 95 product, that somebody made a conscious decision to implement the xcopy command in this manner. It is also clear from looking at the Windows NT XCOPY command that it can be implemented in the manner I describe. Therefore, let me give fair warning. This may not be easy, and I will expect no help from Microsoft in finding out who this person (or persons) was that made this decision, but....eventually I will find out who made this decision, and I will kill them. This is not an idle threat - I will pursue this matter until it is resolved...whoever is responsible for this incredibly ridiculous implementation of what would be an otherwise useful tool will die at my hands, hopefully in a bloody, painful fashion. You will not get away. -J*hn ******

J*hn, if you're still out there... the switch for copying hidden files on Windows 95 is /H. Same as Windows NT.

Please don't kill me.

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  1. Anon says:

    "the switch for copying hidden files on Windows 95 is /H. Same as Windows NT."

    HAhahahahahahaha. Raymond I haven’t laughed so hard in ages … apart from the actual threat it is so so funny. Absolutely classic.

  2. Ben Hutchings says:

    Undocumented feature or PEBCAK?

  3. Cooney says:

    My vote is on steroid abuse.

  4. Doug Thews says:

    Absolutely incredible. With all the sickos out in the world today, I hate to even elect to think that this is funny.

  5. OmegaSupreme says:

    LMAO, classic.

  6. kevin white says:

    I wouldn’t worry. It’s been eight years. There’s a fairly good chance the guy has gotten laid by now.

  7. Phil Scott says:

    Oh my, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Followed up by Kevin’s comment, I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing during my class.

  8. g)-(ost says:

    Pure Classic! I can see it now "Computer Nerd Kills Microsft Devolper Over The XCOMPY Command" LMAO!

  9. James Curran says:

    My first death threat:

    Message on my telephone answering machine left by an unrecognized voice (in it’s entirety):

    "You @ssh*le! You’ll kill you!"

    Since it was left in the days before Caller-Id, I never did find out if it was a wrong number…..

  10. Mike Dunn says:

    My favorite xcopy tidbit is the switches you use to copy everything from one drive to another: /h /e /c /k /y which you can remember as "heck yeah!"

  11. Mike, it’s not nearly as good as:

    xcopy /diskfech

    This copies all the newer files from the source to the destination.

    I use this ALL the time.

  12. James Day says:

    Mine: I have a concealed carry license and his address. I’m going to pay him a visit. Told to an off duty police dispatcher.

  13. Phil Scott says:

    You know, I’d probably pay money for a book full of the weird stuff e-mail and mailed to microsoft. There must be some crazy stuff.

  14. senses0 says:

    This guy threaten to kill you in 1996 and you are still alive?

    I can’t believe it!!!!

  15. Ryan Beesley says:

    xcopy /qdickher

    Does not display file names while copying, copies only those files whose source time is newer than the destination time, if destination does not exist and copying more than one file, assumes that destination must be a directory, continues copying even if errors occur, copies attributes, copies hidden and system files, copies directories and subdirectories, including empty ones, and overwrites read-only files.

    You can’t go wrong with it. If you want to see the filenames as you copy, just use /dickher. It’s pretty easy to remember too. :)

  16. SyntaxError says:

    hahahhaa…. so cool… I almost should put this into my site ( )!


    ps. Hm, I’m a geek!

  17. Reuben Harris says:

    Your *first* death threat?

    What were the others like?? 8-0

  18. Ian Hanschen says:

    At Stardock I once received a personal email saying we should die bleeding from every orifice. I won’t even go into all the ‘fan mail’ we got when a user created the first skin that allowed WindowBlinds to make windows look like OS X.

  19. Join a support dept, get daily threats of death and abuse :D

  20. Stoyan says:

    MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  21. Tim Scarfe says:


    He could be any one of your close office friends just waiting to attack. At any time. You may have just made him nervous…

    Please facilitate some kind of time operated "I must be dead if you are reading this" on your blog so we know.

  22. And who’s the genius who wrote TextBox.AppendText such that you can’t even exceed 32767 characters?

  23. mannubhai says:

    not everybody loves raymond

  24. jeffdav says:

    You don’t know that; it seems possible to love raymond and still want to kill him.

  25. I found out who it is, it is the same person running longhorn! Lots of promise, no actions.

  26. Ryan Beesley says:

    Actually Raymond, wasn’t there a difference between XCOPY and XCOPY32? Perhaps J*hn is refering to the version of XCOPY that ran from "DOS 7.0" (you know, that old thing). I seem to remember some limitations with that version that I found really aggrivating too… not to the point of murder though. ;)

  27. Raymond Chen says:

    Xcopy32 was a mistake. I should’ve called it "xcopy32.mod" or something. You were never supposed to run it directly.

  28. Anonymous says:

    My Blog » LOL!!!!

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