Art too bad to be ignored

The Museum of Bad Art: Art Too Bad To Be Ignored.

The Athlete
Crayon and pencil on canvas by Unknown
Acquired from trash in Boston by Scott Wilson

A startling work, and one of the largest crayon on canvas pieces that most people can ever hope to see. The bulging leg muscles, the black shoes, the white socks, the pink toga, all help to make this one of the most popular pieces in the MOBA collection.

The Athlete also happens to be one of the most controversial works in the MOBA collection. Read the scandalous details!

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  1. Daniel says:

    Wow, that’s ace. Reminds me of the Thrift Store Paintings which I went to see at the ICA, in London, a few years back, which was great fun and more than a little disturbing.

    I was searching for details of this, and it turns out that Bad Art has it’s own section in the Yahoo Directory:

    I never realised that it was a full full blown movement in it’s own right. Lots of good stuff.

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