Coffee machine or assault weapon?

Coffee Machine Assault Weapon
AK-47   X
M-90 Automatic X  
KF550-BK X  
XM15-E2S   X
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  1. Oops, no HTML comments.

    S9 Full Automatic:

    Which, as it appears, actually costs about the same as an assault weapon :-).

  2. Scott says:

    hah this got a goof laugh out of me. Thanks.

  3. Cooney says:


    I propose a third category: Lexus. For instance, what does QX35 sound like?

  4. err0neous says:

    QX35 sounds like an Infiniti.

  5. Cooney says:

    My bad. Got my upscale Japanese brands confused.

  6. James Curran says:

    On a related note, I have a computer printer & a digital camera. Both are "Canon S45"

  7. Anonymous says:

    Heimsyfirráð… núna! » Kaffiv?l e?a vopn?

  8. Milk's Blog says:

    When the RIAA released dozens of ‘damaged’ tracks (i.e., top 40 tracks with random bursts of static noise spliced into them) onto p2p file sharing networks in the hope that they would propagate and put the general public off of…

  9. Another classic sketch from Almost Live!

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