Letterboxing: Geocaching without the GPS

Geocaching is sort of like global hide-and-seek (with hints) for technology geeks.

I stumbled upon a non-GPS version of this diversion, known as Letterboxing (not to be confused with letterboxed movies, another subject entirely).

By the way, if geocaching isn't enough "fun with a GPS" for you, you can try The Degree Confluence Project. See the world with a GPS, experience other cultures, learn a few words of the local language:

The Thais kept asking how many farang (foreigners) did this and how much they got paid. I must have heard the phrase "farang Baar", (foreigners are crazy) more than a couple of times that evening.

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  1. Scott says:

    Geocaching pops up again! I’ve heard of letterboxing but not the Degree Confluence Project, that looks neat. Thanks for the information – Now I’ll have another hobby

  2. Zirakzigil says:

    The Confluence Project is great! Too bad I’m nowhere within 500 miles of an un-tracked confluence. Who wants to be second? Oh well, that’s what vacation is for. Zaire, here I come…

  3. Peter Evans says:

    I heard of "Letterboxing" before but not Geocaching, interesting technology based variant. Yet another piece of great trivia Raymond.

  4. Mr. Xinu says:

    There’s also ‘geodashing’, which is somewhat like the degree confluence project, but with arbitrary points picked each month.

    Interesting way to see diverse points around the globe, and interesting stories from the people who visited them-

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