Norway: Pros and cons

For the third year in a row, the United Nations' Development Program has ranked Norway as having the best standard of living in the world. Norwegians beat out all others because of their high levels of education, pay and life expectancy.

In a totally unrelated story: Norway world leader in casual sex.

Of course, Norway isn't all candy canes and lollipops. You also have to worry about cow attacks and cows falling from the sky.

Cows rampage in Norway

In a bizarre series of incidents, two farmers in different parts of the country were hospitalized after being attacked by cows. Elsewhere, four men narrowly missed having their car crushed by a crash-landing cow.

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  1. MilesArcher says:

    Cow tipping in Norway might be dangerous with those aggressive cows.

  2. Quantam says:

    Less moo, more beef jerky.

  3. Anonymous says: » Norway’s the place to be

  4. And I thought it was those French people that catapults cows…

  5. Matthew Lock says:

    Has anyone noticed how those Standard of Living surveys seem to favour the dull, sensible cities around the world? I for one prefer the excitement and fascination of a city like Tokyo, London or New York.

  6. Take Outs for 13 May 2004

  7. Petr Kadlec says:

    Andreas: He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the Holy Grail in the Castle of Asgardstrand. :-)

  8. jon says:

    dont they have award winning fjords?

  9. Staffan says:

    The thing about Norway is that they never seem to have any decent lunch over there. All the time’s I’ve been there it’s just been sandwiches, and how can you have a high standard of living if you’re just having sandwiches for lunch?

  10. Further ensuring its

  11. Paul Rene says:

    At lease we try to do the brunch right:

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