Passenger announcements in the airport

While in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport yesterday, waiting for my flight to eventually be cancelled due to weather, then waiting for a replacement itinerary (um, the weather is the same at the destination; doesn't matter which plane you take), then waiting for the replacement to be cancelled also (wow imagine that), I heard an announcement on the public address system: "Will passenger Michael Kinsley please pick up a white courtesy phone."

Probably the closest I will get to Michael Kinsley.

Last year, while waiting in I think it was LAX or possibly DEN, I heard the announcement "Will passenger Larry Ellison please pick up a white courtesy phone."

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  1. Miles Archer says:

    It was a different Larry Ellison. The CEO of Oracle would never fly commercial.

    This is the guy who threatened to buy the San Jose CA airport because they wouldn’t let his gulfstream land after midnight due to noise restrictions.

    See for humor…

  2. David Lemson says:

    Also you’d think that if they were the real ones, the airline’s VIP services group would have their cell phone number so they could call them directly.

  3. Dave says:

    I work in politics and I been with US Senators when they get a "will Senator [name witheld] please pick up the white courtesy phone." Not everyone has a Senator’s direct-dial afterall. ;-)

  4. Raymond Chen says:

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