Aw, poor guy, he’s so depressed

I suspect Tanzi isn't going to get much sympathy from, well, anybody.

Parmalat's Tanzi is "Depressed"

Lawyers for Calisto Tanzi, the jailed head of now-bankrupt European food and dairy group Parmalat, claim that he is "depressed" in prison, constantly asking about his family. The lawyers have suggested that Tanzi be released from prison and placed under house arrest. Apparently, Tanzi was well enough in the last few weeks to travel to Ecuador, but the stress of prison is simply too much.

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  1. MilesArcher says:

    I bet Charles Mansen is depressed too. Should we let him out as well?

  2. AndrewSeven says:

    A Canadian version…

    For months, newspapers had described his condition as dire: Some said he was clinically depressed, a result of his isolation as the sole occupant of an entire wing of a women’s prison in northern Montreal; others said he was malnourished because he was eating nothing but packaged potato chips for fear of being poisoned.

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