Curling anyone?

The Granite Curling Club is having their annual open house today, October 18th 2003, from 2pm to 8pm. The Seattle facility is the only dedicated curling facility in the United States west of the Rockies. Bring sweatpants, flat-soled shoes, and $5. They'll provide the brooms and duct tape.

I became fascinated with curling many years ago when I would run across curling tournaments on Canadian television. The only chance to see curling on television in the States is maybe if you're lucky a match or two during the Winter Olympics.

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  1. Tom says:

    Duct tape?

  2. Eric Lippert says:

    In curling you need to be able to move down ice rapidly but still be able to stop and stand still. Skates would wreck the ice surface, so what you do is put duct tape on the sole of one shoe. You can move by keeping the slippy taped foot on the ice and push yourself along with the grippy foot.

    Serious curlers have special teflon shoe covers made, but if you’re just going out for fun, duct tape will do just fine.

    And remember, the best part of curling is the yelling. SWEEP! SWEEP HARDER YOU IDIOTS! NOT THAT HARD!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s unfortunate that this is the only dedicated facility west of the Rockies. Long ago in my childhood days, there was a curling club in Fairbanks, Alaska. The urban legend (or maybe it was true?) was that it was one of the few curling clubs in the world that needed heaters to keep the ice warm enough to play.

  4. milk says:

    My cousins are professional curlers, don’t supose you’ve heard of them; Tom and Ronald Brewster? Never mind if you haven’t.

  5. Mike Dunn says:

    I remember NBC showed curling twice earlier this year (US and world championships, I think). But the matches were on tape delay and heavily edited, so I couldn’t really get a feel for the game as a whole. :/

  6. Michael says:

    Wow, I had no idea that there were that few curling clubs in parts of the US. Living in Canada, I guess I took for granted that every town would have atleast one rink. As for the sliders, I recommend curling shoes (check out – they look just like normal sneakers, but the sole of one shoe will be slippery, while the other has a good grip on the ice.

  7. Steve says:

    hmmmmm, I get into Sumo about the same way. I love it when it’s on TV but never think of it otherwise.

  8. I remember NBC showing quite a few games during the last winter olympics (although they were probably on their various cable channels rather than NBC proper). As for cool curling links, I really like the flash animations of the curling strategy:
    One of the best uses of Flash I have ever seen and certainly useful to someone like me who was introduced to the sport for the first time last Olympics.

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