The much-misunderstood “nop” action

Last month, the printers were reconfigured in our building and we got an announcement that went like this:

Subject: Printer/Copier Reconfiguration

Microsoft Digital Campus Program

Action Required

blah blah blah printers are being reconfigured blah blah blah

Action(s) to be taken: No action is required as the print path information will remain the same.

Sometimes you have to do nothing, and that counts as doing something.

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  1. leppie says:

    Like this post? ;)

  2. phaeron says:

    Another useful type of IT announcement is "email is back up."

  3. MartinJ says:

    Of course, we tend to see help calls come in that say that their email isn’t working. And, how did they submit the call? Right there in my inbox.

  4. Actually my printer stopped working around the same time I got that message. I assumed there was some action to take that I didn’t given I deleted the message on reflex as I do all such announcements.

    Hmmm, need to track down problem now.

  5. Pete Vidler says:

    MartinJ — I’ve emailed support before about broken email. I usually do it from another account? Or maybe it was that they aren’t receiving email but can send just fine (also something that’s hit me recently).

  6. Every company has people who issue memos that make no sense. The larger the company, the more frequently it is likely to happen. Raymond Chen points out an important missive that was sent within his Microsoft group. It’s a good…

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