What are all these files in my C:WINDOWSCSC directory?

This is where Windows keeps the files that you have marked for being available offline.  (CSC was the working name for the feature now called Offline Files. It stands for Client-Side Caching.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool if you could explain why fast user switching and offline files can not work together!


  2. Fif says:

    Can I set up the files that will be kept in c:windowscsc and if yes how? How do I open them afterward?

  3. Raymond Chen says:

    You do not access the files in C:WindowsCSC directly. Rather you access the original network resource. If the resource is not available, then Windows uses the corresponding offline file in C:WindowsCSC.

  4. Ita says:

    How do I redirect the location of the CSC directory. I am running out of space on my c: drive partition and the d: drive partition has plenty of it.

  5. Raymond Chen says:

    That I don’t know.

  6. pinky says:

    and idea and can i remove it?

  7. Isaac Koch says:

    To move these files, look for for information on cachemov.exe on the internet (I believe it’s on the Windows CD). To disable this feature, you should be able to open My Computer, click on Tools > Folder Options… and then click on the Offline Files tab. You can then delete the files (Delete files…) and / or view the files (View files). To disable online files, deselect the option "Enable offline files" and click OK.


    Isaac Koch

    k!ochrep@?hotm^ail.com (Remove abnormal punctuation)

  8. Peteski says:

    could i just delete all the files inside the folder, would this be safe ?

    i tryed this before and couldnt delete some because of errors

  9. Raymond Chen says:

    This is already discussed in the Help and Support Center: "The default cache size is set to 10 percent of available drive space. You can modify this setting in the Offline Files tab in Folder Options."

  10. Raymond Chen says:

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