Data Services Client for Win Phone 7 Now Available!


Today, at the PDC, we announced that a production-ready version of the WCF Data Services client for Windows Phone 7 is available for download from  This means that it is now simple to create an app that connects your Windows Phone 7 to all the existing OData services as well as the new ones we’re announcing at this PDC.

The release includes a version of System.Data.Services.Client.dll that is supported on the phone (both the assembly and the source code) and a code generator tool to generate phone-friendly client side proxies

The library follows most of the same patterns you are already used to when programming with OData services on the desktop version of Silverlight.  The key changes from Silverlight desktop to be aware of are:

  • LINQ support in the client library has been removed as the core support is not yet available on the phone platform.  That said, we are actively working to enable this in a future release.  Given this, the way to formulate queries is via URIs.
  • We’ve added a LoadAsync(Uri) method to the DataServiceCollection class to make it simple to query services via URI.
  • So you can easily support the phone application model we’ve added a new standalone type ‘DataServiceState’ which makes it simple to tombstone DataServiceContext and DataServiceCollection instances


Mike Flasko

Lead Program Manager, Microsoft

Comments (3)

  1. Dan Vanderboom says:

    Are you saying that core Linq support is being added to Windows Phone? Does this include support for the Expression<T> type? Has any timeline been announced?

  2. Calvin Chen says:

    How about WCF Data Service with binary data. I try it on Windows Phone 7 and it does not work (It does work on Silverlight). Any ETA to support this feature?

    Also, when the callback, which is assigned from BeginGetReadStream, how do I know which object is begin referred. For example, I would like to display photos for all the employees. I cannot find a way to do it at all.

  3. Michael Iantosca says:

    I am having an issue with the DataServiceState.Save/Restore when my DataServiceCollection  contains a type that has a collection propery that wa sbeen expanded – see my post on the subject for more details…/wp7-odata-v2-dataservicestate-restore-method-throwing-exception-if-entity-has-dat

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