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Now that our current releases are winding down we’ve begun shifting some of our focus to planning for the next round.  To help us prioritize our future work we’d like to hear from you.  To make it easy to submit feedback directly to our team we’ve created a feature voting site.  The site enables you to request a feature or vote up/down features entered by other users. 

Get your voice heard! Visit our feature voting site now to file your favorite feature request and vote on the ones already there.  We look forward to your feedback.

UPDATE (Sept 2010): we’ve upgraded our feature voting site and moved it to  The links in the post above have been updated to reflect the new location.

Julian Lai
Program Manager, Data Services

Comments (2)

  1. Valkyrie-MT says:

    This is not so much of a feature, but a change none the less.  

    I would like to see the default for DataServiceContext.MergeOption to be MergeOption.OverwriteChanges in the Silverlight client library.  I had created a "Refresh" button for a datagrid.  While watching fiddler, I could see that the updated records where coming over the wire, but I was not seeing them in the datagrid.  It took a while to find that the default is AppendOnly for the Merging and that since my rows were only getting modified, I could not see the change.  Why?  If it is going to go through all the trouble of retrieving all the rows and compare (I assume by PK), why not do the right thing and compare all the properties by default?  This is the behavior I think developers expect.  The vast majority of the time was spent in transmission over the wire and deserialization… so there is a miniscule performance gain (so it would seem) in using AppendOnly.  I strongly believe the default should be Overwrite changes…  


  2. Giovanni D'Arienzo says:

    I would like to ask if there is an option to support a long and complex kind of query in ado data service.

    since at moment is url base , that kind of query can be maximum 256 char. quite short for a complex one.

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