VS 2008 SP1 Beta must be removed prior to installing the release of VS 2008 SP1

When I announced that Visual Studio 2008 SP1 RTM will install over SP1 beta, we were on track to make that reality. However, when SP1 beta shipped we found that adding new components into existing features was causing a prompt for source for non-default installations of Visual Studio 2008. To fix this, we would have… Read more

How to Workaround Error 1330 During Visual Studio 2008 Installation

When installing Visual Studio 2008, you might run into an error dialog that reads, Error 1330.A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file D:msdncab2.cab has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt. The path and name of the cabinet may be different, but might often… Read more

VS 2005 SP1 Takes a While to Install

One of the most-reported feedback issues with Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta is about how long it takes to install. There are, unfortunately, a couple things that account for this and currently nothing we can do to prevent them. We have been considering options to at least inform the users what to expect… Read more

How Patching Works

Previously I blogged about what is in a patch, but how do patches work? To put it imply, patches transform a view of the product or products that the patch targets. Patches (.msp files) contain a set of transforms: one transform changes the target product into the upgraded product, and one transform adds information specific… Read more

Introducing Managed Bootstrapper Applications

Now that WiX v3.6 has been released, I introduce the managed bootstrapper application (MBA) interoperability layer. It’s been available for a while actually, and if you’ve installed any builds of WiX v3.6, or the Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0 Developer Preview you’ve seen it in action. While Burn – the WiX bootstrapper engine – and the… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 continuously repairs producing many small log files

If you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Professional, Premium, or Ultimate editions installed and are finding many small MSI*.log files in your %TEMP% directory, you may find you are running low on disk space because of how many of these files are created. While they may only be about 3MB, what causes these files to… Read more

What’s in a Patch

Windows Installer relies on structured storage for information about the installation package and to store data used by the installation such as any Binary types and cabinet files. Patches (.msp files) are no different in structure but will contain different data. Up until Windows Installer 3.0, patches themselves didn’t contain any standard tables but could… Read more

Workaround for Error 1718

When installing Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1, you may see an error like the following (file name will vary): Error 1718.File D:WINDOWSInstaller50baad.msp was rejected by digital signature policy. Knowledge Base article 925336 had originally documented instructions using the Local Security Policy UI to work around this issue based on my previous blog post. While… Read more

How Visual Studio 2012 Avoids Prompts for Source

Requiring source packages during installation, repairs, and even uninstall are common occurrences for some customers. The core issue is that Windows Installer needs the source location of the package and its files to install – and can’t find them automatically – when attempting to restore the machine to the state it should be in (according… Read more