DirectX 12 and Windows 10

As a part of the Windows team, we’re super excited about the Windows 10 Technical Preview that was just released!  The final version of Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12, and we think it's going to be awesome.

We especially encourage gamers to help us make this release great for you by becoming Windows Insiders.  Game developers who are part of our DirectX 12 Early Access program have even more incentive to join the Windows Insider program.  These game developers will receive everything they need to kickstart their DX12 development, including: updated runtime, API headers, drivers, documentation, and samples, all of which will work with the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

We have a few more treats for game developers...

Unreal 4 Engine 4.4 Supports DirectX 12!

As we announced in our last blog post, members of our Early Access program who subscribe to Unreal Engine 4 can receive source access to the DX12 port of UE4. We’ve worked with Epic to create a DX12 branch on the UE4 GitHub repository.  This branch supports UE 4.4, the latest publically released version of the Unreal 4 Engine!  Come join our open development project and help make DX12 great!

From Asteroids to Mountains, Intel Rocks!

In the comments section of our last blog post, several of you asked about support for other graphics vendors.  We have great working relationships with all graphics vendors and you can expect to see a continual showcase of their progress.   

In fact, in the same week as the Maxwell event, Max McMullen, our development lead, was also present at the Intel Development Forum where he unveiled the latest details on our new binding model while Michael Apodaca from Intel explained how Intel has optimized their driver for DX12.  These optimizations made it possible for Intel to create the Asteroids demo, which they revealed at Siggraph, showing the performance and power savings of DX12.  You can see more details on the asteroids demo here.

Intel has graciously agreed to make the source for their compelling Asteroids demo available to all developers in the DX12 Early Access program. 

Oh, and the screenshot above?  That was a screenshot from an Intel Haswell graphics DX12 machine running UE4.4’s Landscape Mountains demo.

As always, we’ve got even more in the pipeline that we’ll be sharing in the coming months here, via Early Access Program and via @DirectX12.  If you haven’t signed up for these already, you have no excuse now!

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  1. Alessio T says:

    So, students and hobbyists still cannot have a look at the new SDK? 🙁

  2. Ciprian Stanciu says:

    So no public DirectX 12 SDK and ofcourse I wasn't selected in the Early Access Program like this blog incentivises  and now I wonder if I get an SDK if I buy into Unreal Engine for a month… hm… I don't think this happened with D3D11 when Windows 7 came up so what's so scary in releasing a public SDK ?

  3. Macaque says:

    Yes! Please release a public DirectX12 SDK or please extend the range of those 'selected' to students/individuals. Thanks!

  4. Jason says:

    So far I love Windows 10. It installs fast, found all the drivers on the machines I used today and turns on / off faster on an old HDD than my new SSD machines do with Win7 or 8. I was nervous about putting it on my gaming machine because of possible driver issues but after reading this I'm going to test it out tomorrow.

  5. Re Public SDK:  We will have a public SDK, just like we've had with every version of Windows.  However, we are getting Early Access members SDK bits earlier than we've ever given to the gaming community.  Think of it like a game beta – eventually, we'll be in open beta and everyone will receive access. Until then, we will be gradually increasing the number of people who are invited so long as we can properly scale to make it a great experience for them. You can greatly increase your odds of getting in by 1) Putting something compelling for 'What you plan to do with DX12" (that is reasonable given your proven experience in graphics) and 2) Being a UE4 Subscriber with verifiable content you've created yourself.

    Re Installing Windows 10:  We certainly want gamers to try it out and tell us how it works!  However, you should keep in mind there isn't yet any public DX12 content to try out.  You should also realize this is a very early version of the OS and that it is quite possible that you'll run into issues, so you shouldn't put this on your main gaming machine if you're uncomfortable with potential issues.


  6. Dan says:

    You should clarify which actual parts of DX11 are updated in this Windows 10 Technical Preview and what of DX12, if at all, is present!? Thx.

  7. Dan says:

    Oh almost forgot, also about WDDM changes please.

  8. Dan says:

    These are of direct interest to "Gamers", even more so for "Enthusiasts with advanced IT knowledge" as most are hoping to see some of those latency/ WDDM improvements on DX11 Hardware/ Software, especially latency ones, eg. core2duo systems under 3 GHZ with say Nvidia 600 range of cards. So far you guys sadly have not covered that at all. So please don't just pay lip service again and take the ppl you claim to address seriously.

  9. oscarbg says:

    can you share at least info on:

    1) there are already AMD, Nvidia and Intel DX12 drivers for members of the beta program?

    seems from blog Intel and Nvidia yes so AMD has made DX12 drivers to early acces members?

    2) also in D3D12 SDK we get D3D11.3 bits?

    3) a part from Direct3D are new headers of DXGI?

    4) does Microsoft some to say of VR improvements in Dx12?

  10. Ciprian Stanciu says:

    After playing around with the new Windows 10 preview I've noticed some other things in regards to D3D12. There's just a single d3d12warp.dll in there and a dozen D3D12 references in the d3d11.dll, one that's even called D3D11CreateDeviceForD3D12 . I'm a little curious about this as it would imply that D3D12 is not a brand new API but kind of sits ontop D3D11 for some reason.

    And for people asking about the drivers, since there is a d3d12warp.dll I'd assume there is at least a software driver to at least test the API a little. I noticed the D3D11 warp now supports D3D11.2 including tiled resources Tier 2 which is kinda cool.

    When can we expect the public SDK though ? I remember the first Windows 8 preview actually had VS2012 pre-installed and the D3D11.1 SDK, I can't see how this release is earlier than the first windows 8 preview so that the D3D12 SDK would be missing.

  11. Rasterizer says:

    It is worth noting that Windows 10 cannot be used for experimental game development on top of DirectX 11 as a Windows 10 SDK is not presented in any way or form, therefore neither is the associated DirectX developer runtime necessary to have any sort of usable debugging (exception on D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG).

    You'll run into the classic OS-SDK mismatch, error 0x887a002d. Of course, this much is obvious, but not to everyone, so putting it out there. Good day!

  12. Lotusisrael says:

    Maybe this is not relevant, but I have installed the server version of the Windows 10 preview. Installed the old DirectX Redist, then run Dxdiag. It listed DX11, not DX12. This means that DX11 is stil there the DX shipped with Windows 10, or the old installed replaced DX12 with DX11?

  13. Peter says:

    Please, please, please release DX12 for windows 7 and 8 as well. Don't make the same mistake as last time with DX10 which fragmented PC gaming for many years.

  14. David Warner says:

    Looking forward to Windows 10 and DirectX 12, but please make the latter run downlevel on Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1, if Windows 10 is a paid upgrade) so that we can target a wide userbase.

  15. Gabest says:

    I'm surprised there will be an SDK at all. Last version came with the Windows SDK and honestly I never really used it, since it was missing key features.

  16. Thanks for the comments and questions. Here are the answers to the questions:

    Great find Rasterizer: To obtain the Windows 10 Technical Preview version of the DirectX Debug Layer DLLs required to successfully use D3D11_CREATE_DEBUG_DEVICE or the Visual Studio 2013 Graphics Diagnostics feature, download it from This will get integrated in a future version of the Window SDK for the RTM release of Windows 10.

    1) Which parts of DX11 are updated – there are few updates to DX11, mostly bugfixes.  We've been focused on DX12

    2) Which DX12 is present – DX12 isn't present in these bits, it requires early access at this time.  There are a few related components (such as warp) which have been updated to work with DX12, which are present.

    3) WDDM/DX11 changes – I can't comment on WDDM changes yet or any improvements to DX11.  I will say that we have spent a lot of time listening to game developers and have done a lot of engineering work to deliver what they've asked for – so we are certainly taking it seriously.  We're very focused right now on making DX12 awesome.  And, DX12 will work on >50% of the cards gamers already have today (including the 600 series you asked about), so most gamers won't need new hardware to realize the benefits of DX12 for games which support it.

    4) Questions about what is in early access program- I can't share details of exactly what drivers are in the early access program, but I can tell you that all 3 IHVs you mentioned are actively working on drivers.  Early access contains 12 only, no updates to 11.

    5) Is D3D12 on top of D3D11? No, it is a lower level API.

    6) Public SDK – I can't comment on when the public SDK will be available, but DX12 will be there when it is

  17. S. Hanifl says:

    I'm personally just curious as to which graphics card (AMD) as a minimum I need to own to have a dx12 compliant system. Also, since my sound card is motherboard based, do I need to upgrade it to take advantage of dx12? This sort of layman's information is not easy to come by and I would like to plan ahead for the holidays… Sorry to hop on a dev thread here but the thread seems to be answered by the OP. Apologies for the rather simple questions.

  18. Dynamo says:

    Will AMD HD 6770 be support DX12?. Is it possible to get list of all current Video cards that will support DX12?

  19. Dave says:

    Unless it supports Windows 7/8/8.1 I honestly don't really care, I'm not coding for something next to noone will have for several years.

  20. Super excited says:

    I was super excited about Windows 10 until I saw it requires a Microsoft account to do nearly anything on the system. No thanks.

  21. Concerned says:

    One of the big problems with Windows 8 is that DWM forces V-Sync on for all windowed desktop applications.  This causes horrendous input lag and there are no options to disable it.

    Is this problem being addressed in Windows 10?

  22. Alessio T says:

    @Super excited: click "create new account" and in the next page in the low part of the screen there is the option for the offline account.

  23. wtfskilz says:

    okay my only question is.

    what happened to Windows 9?

    I feel like I'm missing something..

  24. Re: Supported hardware:  At this year's GDC, the graphics hardware vendors announced their hardware support plans for DX12.  It looks like Wikipedia has been updated with what they announced:…/Direct3D

  25. Mark Rockman says:

    When I launch Adobe Audition 3.0, the following message appears:  The currently installed soundcard driver does not support DirectSound Input.  Recording audio is not possible.  This is under Windows 10 (Windows Technical Preview) Evaluation Copy.  Build 9841.   The blue jack on the soundcard is still plugged in from an audio source yet the Control Panel sound application reports it is not plugged in.   I've installed ASIO which, in the past, has solved yet another roadblock to nirvana with Adobe Audition 3.0.  This all worked fine under Windows 8.  Moving beyond Adobe Audition 3.0 is unthinkable as top executives removed key capabilities from the product.

  26. Sean Torres says:

    Guys I don't mind reinstalling apps copying my data yadda yadda but like is this like some sort of limited preview or can I use it until I can purchase my actual copy thanks…

  27. omar says:

    why have i not gotten the sdk im a microsoft partner and a Unreal engine dev / partner whats going on here?

  28. Alessio T says:

    @omar: you have to ask for the early access program here:

  29. Chris Malcheski says:

    This will fare no better than Windows 8.  This head-in-the-clouds idea of being all things to all devices is as stupid as it is juvenile.  You cannot go on forever dumbing down the desktop OS to make phone users happy.  I know of NOBODY who likes Win 8, and this is just taking the same failed thinking that produced it two steps further.  I work on a desktop for a living.  I don't want to keep tripping over phones, having everything I do scaled back and dumbed down to make things work on a phone, have 426 .DLL's instead of 1 just so it'll work on phones.  I don't have a phone, I don't want a phone, and I don't care about phones.  It would be 5% of the work to just write a customized version of Windows for phones.  Specialize.  This one-size-fits-all mentality means everything is reduced to the lowest common denominator, throwing us back to 1995 technologically.  I stepped through the DirectX code in VS2013 to simply move an identity matrix into an array.  It was more than 1800 CPU instructions for a task that requires 5 assembly language instructions.  And it is only going to get worse as these people become more and more insulated from the reality of their own failures.

  30. Kashif Malim says:

    It would be great if you guys could put up a list of current motherboard chipsets that support DX12. Would Ivy Bridge systems also support DX12 to some extent, or would I have to upgrade to Haswell?

  31. john mitas says:

    Chris Malcheski … you make zero sense!

    You definitely don't sound like you know what you're talking about!

  32. @Mark Rockman:  Members of the Windows Insider Program can provide feedback about the Tech Preview directly to our engineers by using the Windows Feedback app.  Simply search for “Windows Feedback” from the search box, and tell us your Windows 10 likes, dislikes, or any bugs you may have found

    @Sean – If you join the Windows Insider program, you'll automatically get updates as development proceeds.  

    @Kashif – The limiting factor is the graphics card, not the chipset.  Ivy Bridge with a discrete graphics card that supports 12 will support 12.  Haswell integrated graphics supports 12, so you won't need  a discrete card for 12 support.

  33. Jean says:

    I am just waiting to see the difference in performance between and GTX 680 classified vs GTX 980 Classified Cards. One card supporting DX12, and the other with full native support out of the box.Would there be a significant difference in performance between cards with DX12? Since not much has changed in the hardware specs between cards. This would be a good question to be answered in time.

  34. Chad says:

    Will DX12 work on Windows 8.1? thanks.

  35. Beverly says:

    Windows 10 looks supercool! Similar to Direct X does other software come bundled with the new Windows 10

  36. MtVernonCannibisFarms says:

    Are the data structures for DirectX , DirectCompute/Cuda, and the OS internal Visual Tree going to be integrated so they don't have to be duplicated on both the GPU and CPU with multiple traversals and computation ?

  37. gamer says:

    What's about cloud computing? Are there any bits in DirectX 12 to offload some graphics computations to the cloud?

  38. Nick says:

    I need this, i cant play any games on my computer since it says i dont have directx downloaded, wich i cant find ANYWHERE to download it on windows 8.1 or 10

  39. OXY says:

    Microsoft dont wanna admit how crap was DX11

    how people invest big money to big rigs getting same result everytime

    but problem was software and API related sad

  40. Scott says:

    Your wonderful DirectX 12 screw up my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and 4, I can't run them, Thanks a lot Microsoft

  41. Clint says:

    I have windows 10 but no Directx 12. Only version directx 11.2 HELP PLEASE

  42. greg says:

    I have windows 10 but no Directx 12. Only version directx 11.2 WTF!

  43. John says:

    I have the same problem, installed windows 10 and yet, version of directx is 11?

  44. Andrew says:

    Check that you have a DX12 capable card

  45. T says:

    How to check if a card is DX12 capable though?

  46. Blair says:

    Why does it say DX11.3 under DXdiag? It said 12 before! And I have a DX12 GPU.

  47. jin says:

    I had windows 10 but no Directx 12. Only version directx 11  on  DXdiag

    so  how helpful to me on new system ?

  48. Upset says:

    I have windows 10 and DirectX 12. I have non stop tearing on ALL games now. I have I7 4790, 16gb ram, and two R9 290x's in crossfire. Everything was solid until I upgraded to windows 10. So pissed at myself for doing so. Should have known. Uninstalled drivers for a CLEAN install (seems the only thing people say these days), the only slight saving grace is turning on triple buffering. Will be reformatting my whole machine this weekend to get rid of all windows 10 crap.

  49. Genius says:

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X is not working with DirectX 12!  Really great compatibility!

  50. Suhrid Mulay says:

    I have windows 10 final RTM but it wasn't downloaded with DirectX 12  please help as it greatly improves gaming performance

  51. Pinodan says:

    from where you download the drivers DIRECTX 12?

  52. Craig says:

    I've been search for 12 days straight without sleep to download direct x 12 and it cannot be done shut down the internet folks it no longer works,….

    Good night cruel world.

  53. MD says:

    I have Windows 7 and I wanted to install Windows 10. When I went through the installation it asked for a product key. I entered it and it did not except it. I called Microsoft and they said they could do nothing for me. Can anyone help me.  

  54. marin says:

    So I am using Win 10 SDK and Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 and I have to use D3DCompile instead of non-existing obsolete D3DCompileFromMemory, only problem is that my application now works only on Windows 10 while it crashes on older Windows, I installed all kinds of redists without any progress.

    How am I supposed to fix this issue?

  55. sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss says:


  56. Robert Gabriel says:

    how do I get directx 12

  57. be come to rightr ur sernt now
    much to better

  58. Bruno Sanzani says:


  59. Frijul says:

    how to download directx 12

  60. how to download it………………..

  61. angga says:

    good posting , saya merasa terbantu . terimakasih

  62. vishal agarwal says:

    I have windows 10 and it says directx 12 install but when i start gta san andreas it says atleast directx 9 required. Help…!!!

  63. pavel pelc says:

    prosĂ­m o naistalovĂĄnĂ­

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