Velocity Widget available for Analytics Extensions

The Velocity Widget is now available for those who’ve installed the Analytics Extension. The Velocity Widget provides functionality not available in the Velocity Chart displayed on the Backlog view, such as: Show velocity for any team, not just the current team Show velocity for any backlog level or work item type, not just the Stories... Read More


Extending MSTest V2

APIs are assets. As developers we learn them, write to them, and – if the API are extensible – we grow them. An extensible API removes barriers to introducing new abstractions closer to our own domains. Once such abstractions are in place, they in turn allow us to work with the underlying framework in a... Read More


The fastest path to a new VSTS extension

Over the last few years we have introduced a number of ways to extend and integrate with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). For example, client libraries for .NET (which work with both .NET Framework and .NET Core apps) and for Node.js and an extensibility model that allows extension of our web experience. The possibilities for developers... Read More


Improved alternate authentication experience for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Recently, we’ve heard feedback from customers that developers have a poor experience creating and managing their alternate authentication credentials and that administrators moving from TFS to the cloud aren’t provided the policies they need to enforce how alternate authentication is used by their end users.  This post will describe our plans to provide a better... Read More