Using Team Projects

In Team Foundation, a team project is a collection of work items, code, tests, work products, metrics, and so forth that is used by a defined team to track a common set of related work. The logical concept of a team project helps you determine what to include or exclude from the development of a... Read More


Using Work Items

Team Foundation has work item tracking features designed to assist enterprise software development teams to manage their work and software defect tracking. In Team Foundation, a work item tracks this work, and can be one of the individual tasks required to complete a project, a bug that needs to be fixed, a customer scenario that... Read More


Using the Team Project Portal

The team project portal is the single location you can visit for information about the team project. If the process template used to create your team project included a project portal, or if a portal was added later, your project portal may include the following: Announcements about the team project. Links to team project documents.... Read More


Some Team Foundation Server security documentation for you today

Hello again! As promised, we’re back again this week with advance-copy looks at two documents concerning Team Foundation Server security: Team Foundation Server Security Concepts and Team Foundation Server Security Architecture.  We’d love to see any questions, comments, or requests you might have. And speaking of requests, our next doc posting will hopefully answer Ben... Read More


Team Foundation Server Security Architecture

Introduction To analyze and plan for Team Foundation Server security, you must consider the Team Foundation application tier, the Team Foundation data tier, the Team Foundation client tier, and the interactions between them. You will have to know what Web services, databases, and object models are used. You will also have to know what network... Read More


Team Foundation Server Security Concepts

Introduction To secure Team Foundation Server, you must understand how Team Foundation Server works and how it communicates with other Team Foundation components. A Team Foundation Server administrator should be familiar with Windows authentication, network protocols and traffic, and the structure of the business network on which Team Foundation Server is installed, as well as... Read More

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Team Foundation Server Default Groups, Permissions, and Roles

IntroductionWhen you create a new project in Team Foundation Server, new project-level groups are created for that project, by default, and are assigned permissions to access resources appropriate to that group. To customize projects to better suit your business needs, you must understand what permissions are assigned to which users and groups by default, and... Read More


Team Foundation Server Permissions

IntroductionAuthorization for user actions, such as workspace administration and project creation, are determined by permissions. When you create a project in Team Foundation Server, four default groups are created for that project regardless of your choice of process template. By default, each of these groups has a set of permissions defined for them that govern... Read More


Process Planning Guide

Summary Process templates define key aspects of a team project that affect how a team works. By customizing a process template, you can define security for team project control, what templates are available on the project portal, source code control check in notes, new work item types and queries, reports for monitoring and status, and... Read More