Agile in User Education – Creating a Documentation System Model

Over the last few months I’ve been investigating how our team can improve our understanding of our documentation process, and how we might be able to make improvements using principles from Theory of Constraints. I’ve also been reading David Anderson’s book, “Agile Management for Software Engineering.” His book has great diagrams that model a system... Read More


It is not yet possible to restore only one team project

We got a comment with this question: “is there a way by which i can restore only a specific team project related data or its associated files from a full backup?”   Unfortunately, in Team Foundation Version 1.0, you cannot restore a single team project from a backup. However, the product team is considering this feature... Read More


Creating a Visual Studio Setup Project in Team Foundation Build

Today’s post is a walkthrough on configuring Team Foundation Build to create a Visual Studio setup project by using a custom task to envoke denvenv.exe. You can find the walkthrough here Walkthrough: Configuring Team Foundation Build to Build a Visual Studio Setup Project. As always, feedback and comments are welcome! SW

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