Custom Controls in Work Item Types

Work Item Tracking Custom Controls Note: This is draft documentation for the Team Foundation Server SP1 Beta. The contents of this article should not be considered as final.  All feedback is welcome. Introduction The Work Item Tracking Custom Controls mechanism provides a standard way to enhance T:Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.WorkItems to include enhanced user-interface capabilities, extended event-based rules,... Read More


How to: Move the Data Warehouse SQL Server Analysis Services Database to a Separate Server

IntroductionThis topic describes how you can increase the capacity of your Team Foundation Server data-tier by moving the SQL Server Analysis Services database to a separate server. After you complete this procedure, the data-tier will be composed of two computers: the relational data-tier server, and the analysis services data-tier server. Before you start this procedure,... Read More


Confusion over the Security Section

Recently we noticed a trend as we’ve been reviewing all of the feedback sent in about various help topics. Occasionally an individual will be following a How to procedure, or walkthrough, and get stuck. We receive feedback explaining that a menu option was grayed out, or something was missing. Often the answer is that the... Read More


Rate those help topics!

You’ve probably noticed the ratings at the bottom of the help topics on MSDN. You may have rated and commented on articles and wondered what happens with that feedback. I can tell you what I do as a writer for Team Foundation. It’s pretty consistent with how other writers use this feedback. (The developer division... Read More

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Agile in User Education – Creating a Documentation System Model

Over the last few months I’ve been investigating how our team can improve our understanding of our documentation process, and how we might be able to make improvements using principles from Theory of Constraints. I’ve also been reading David Anderson’s book, “Agile Management for Software Engineering.” His book has great diagrams that model a system... Read More