Architecture Tooling Guidance for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have provided this practical guidance for the modeling tools in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. This guidance provides common usage scenarios, hands on labs, and lessons learned from community discussions. These scenarios include understanding and reverse-engineering an existing application or starting a new application from scratch. The intent is to present you with... Read More


Updated: Customizable Process Guidance

A couple of weeks ago, I posted customizable process guidance packages on Code Gallery. I’ve updated those to pick up a few minor changes that we published on MSDN yesterday.…(read more)


Customizable process guidance

I’ve just posted versions of process guidance for Visual Studio Scrum 1.0, MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0, and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0 on Code Gallery so that you can customize them and associate these customized versions with your team projects. These versions don’t have tables of contents. I’m interested... Read More


Channel 9 video series: UML with VS2010 Ultimate

Clint Edmonson, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, posted a video series about how to use the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate visualization and modeling tools in your software development process: Part 1: Brainstorming a Project Part 2: Organizing Features Into Use Cases Part 3: Modeling the Business Domain Part 4: Capturing Business Workflows Part 5: Architecting an Application  Part 6:... Read More

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VSALM Library Updates on MSDN for June 2010

Every month (more or less), the MSDN Library is updated with new topics, additions to existing topics, and even the occasional correction. Many of these changes are a direct response to your requests and comments. We welcome your feedback and questions – either in the Community Content at the bottom of each page in the... Read More