Moving Your Team Foundation Server Deployment

Hi all, Today we have some draft documentation on how you can move your Team Foundation Server deployment.  We have one conceptual and three procedural documents on this: Team Foundation Server Move Types, How to: Move from a Single-Server to a Dual-Server Deployment, How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to... Read More


Questions about using CFD with Visual Studio Team System

Daniel sent in a few questions regarding my previous post about using cumulative flow diagrams (CFD) with Visual Studio Team System. Daniel writes: Hi there We currently implement the sprint backlog, CFD and reporting via sharepoint portal for our current .NET 1.x work and I wondered if we were to move to VSTS would the following... Read More

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How to: Add Users for Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition

You can get Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition with Team System client products that are licensed with MSDN Premium Subscriptions. The functionality of the Workgroup Edition is identical to that of Team Foundation Server, Standard Edition except that the number of users is limited to five. Special Group Membership for Workgroup Edition After you install... Read More