Announcing new REST APIs for Process Customization

Last sprint we released a new set of REST API endpoints for process customization. In version 4.1 there are 3 sets of REST APIs. Two for the inherited model and one for the Hosted XML model. This created some confusion on what endpoints to use and when. In the new 5.0 (preview) version we combined the two inherited REST APIs under a single domain. Making it much easier to determine what REST API endpoints to use. What domain you need depends on the process model used by your projects.

Work Item Tracking Process
For processes using the Inheritance model. APIs for everything you need to create and manage a process through code. This includes work item types, pages, groups, fields, states, rules, etc.

Work Item Tracking Process Template
For Hosted XML processes. APIs for checking to see if the process exists, importing, and exporting a Hosted XML process.


The new process REST APIs are also rolled into the latest version of the client libraries (version 16.139.0-preview). We started to create a few samples on our GitHub Samples repo.

There are only a few examples created at the moment but we plan to add more every week or two. If you are passionate about Process REST API samples and have some extra time, please go ahead and contribute 🙂 . Or create an issue to help us prioritize what samples to work on next.

If you have any questions on how to use the new process REST APIs or client libraries, please email me directly at