Application Insights: Exception Telemetry

Application Insights lets you monitor your live application for its availability, performance and usage. Exception telemetry is of course, a central piece of this. In this blog, we’ll look at the compelling diagnostics experience enabled by capturing exceptions along with request telemetry. I’ll also illustrate how you can configure your application so as to make... Read More


Smart Unit Tests – a mental model

[Editor’s note: “Smart Unit Tests” has been renamed to “IntelliTest” with effect from Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate (RC).] Our previous post introduced Smart Unit Tests. Please read that first if you have not already done so. Now let us continue. How is “Smart Unit Tests” able to generate a compact test suite with high... Read More


Updated Application Insights Status Monitor to support .12 (and later) Application Insights SDK

The latest release of the Application Insights Status Monitor tool provides an update to the runtime instrumentation agent, which is a component of Application Insights that automatically discovers your code dependencies like SQL databases, other HTTP endpoints and Azure storage accounts.  This new runtime instrumentation agent requires your application to use the .12 (or later)... Read More