SharePoint and Team System

Over the next few weeks, a series of white papers are set to be released that discuss using Visual Studio Team System for developing solutions for SharePoint Products and Technologies.  Several of our UE team members were involved in this Ranger project.  You can find a link to all the whitepapers here.  Please let us... Read More


The “Last Updated” date on our documentation on MSDN

Some of you have noticed that our content on MSDN has a “Last Updated:” date indicator in light grey text just below the topic title.  Others of you have commented that the date is always November 2007, so the perfectly reasonable assumption is that we haven’t updated any topics since then. However, this isn’t true. We have... Read More

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Feedback Requested: Common Tasks

For our next release, we’d like your feedback about how we might improve our orientation topics. These topics contain introductory text, followed by links to and brief descriptions of other topics that carry a common theme, and we get frequent feedback that users dislike the current format. Please review the following post and share your... Read More


Draft Documentation Update for Moving Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another

We received word recently that the documentation for moving Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server from one set of hardware to another is not accurate as currently documented on MSDN.  We investigated, and discovered that an undocumented change to the functionality of the renameDT command invalidated the steps as they currently exist.  After much investigation,... Read More