Info on merging and branching

Hi, I’m Chris.  I’m the new documentation manager for Team Foundation.  This post is dedicated to helping you get more familiar with merging and branching Team Foundation Server projects. Let us know what more we can post for you. -Chris


Understanding Branching

Branching is a feature that allows a collection of files to evolve in two or more divergent paths. Branching is frequently used when teams have to maintain two or more similar code bases, as can occur when a product is released and work must begin on the next version. Branching in Team Foundation source control... Read More


Understanding Merging

Merging is the process of combining the changes in two distinct branches. A merge operation takes changes that have occurred in the source branch and integrates them into the target branch. Merging integrates all types of changes in the source branch including name changes, file edits, file additions, and file delete and undelete changes. If... Read More


Get started understanding and using Team Foundation

This post is dedicated to getting you more familiar with some of the features that make up Team Foundation. These basic concepts include information to get you started using, Team Foundation Server, the team project portal, process guidance, source control, work items, team projects, and a golden gem for figuring out what all you need... Read More


Getting Started with Team Foundation

Team Foundation is a set of tools and technologies that enable a team to collaborate and coordinate their efforts on building a product or completing a project. Team Foundation enhances team communication, tracks work status, supports team roles, enacts the team process, and integrates team tools. Collaboration The primary purpose of Team Foundation is to... Read More


Planning a Team Project

Before creating a team project, you should carefully plan the scope of the project and consider the future path for the modification, growth, and maintenance of the team project. This topic presents a list of questions you must answer to determine whether you may want to create a new team project or expand an existing... Read More


Using Process Guidance

Process guidance is HTML content that documents the process to be followed by team members working on a team project. Team project work items, reports, and queries can all change during the life cycle of a team project, and be different between team projects. Process guidance provides details about a team project, such as how... Read More


Understanding Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server delivers source control, work item tracking, Team Foundation Build, a team project portal Web site, reporting, and project management capabilities. Team Foundation Server also includes a data warehouse where data from work item tracking, source control, builds, and testing tools are stored. Other Visual Studio Team System servers include build servers and... Read More


Using Source Control

Team Foundation source control provides standard source code version control functionality, which can scale to handle thousands of developers. Beyond the typical source control functionality, Team Foundation is also an enterprise class software configuration management product that provides integrated version control, issue tracking, and process management for development teams. Team Foundation source control includes the... Read More


Using Team Projects

In Team Foundation, a team project is a collection of work items, code, tests, work products, metrics, and so forth that is used by a defined team to track a common set of related work. The logical concept of a team project helps you determine what to include or exclude from the development of a... Read More