Tar and Curl Come to Windows!

One of the most frequent asks we hear across the entire Windows command-line spectrum is "I need curl" and/or "I need tar".

If you're one of these people - HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂 Windows 10 Insider build 17063 and later now include the real-deal curl and tar executables that you can execute directly from Cmd or PowerShell.

Our sincere thanks to the LibArchive and curl.haxx.se teams who created and maintain bsdtar and curl, respectively.

For more details, read Craig's announcement post: "Tar and curl come to Windows"

Comments (6)

  1. Gavin Groom says:

    This is great news! Well done team 🙂

  2. MOB says:

    I need sed! It could be the BSD version of sed because then it’s the same as in Mac OS X and you already use bsdtar for tar.

    1. Including *NIX tools in Windows itself may be offset because:
      1. GNU tools are freely available for you to install & use if you want them
      2. Availability of Linux on WSL

      However, if you feel you have a valid scenario for us to consider, please share & upvote on our UserVoice: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/266908-command-prompt-console-windows-subsystem-for-l/suggestions/6510372-windows-needs-built-in-version-of-nix-tools-like

  3. Tejas Baba says:

    I am using the built in cURL on cmd. How do I upgrade it to the latest version ?

    1. We’re working to figure out how to incorporate the latest curl updates in the next Windows 10 update.

      Until then, you can clone the https://github.com/curl/curl repo and build & run it locally if you prefer.

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