Dev303 summary, more blogs

Thanks to Rob Caron there are good notes on Brian Harry’s presentation. DEV303 – Visual Studio Team System: Enterprise-Class Source Control and Work Item Tracking Kevin Kelly (also in North Carolina) has started a weblog, opening with “Why Work Item Tracking?”  Ask him if they can add make work items blogs. Or maybe all work items should be blog entries,…


Brian Harry’s weblog

So Korby’s gotten Brian going.  Check out “A little history on me and the Visual Studio Team System” for how we got here.


Summary of Doug’s Managing Software Configurations presentation

Korby Parnell, our checked-in tech writer, has posted a great summary of Doug’s Managing Software Configurations presentation.  He even included highlights from the Q&A.  Check it out and add your comments. Rob Caron posted a picture of Doug in action.


Doug Neumann on Software Configuration Management with Burton

Doug’s the program manager for Source Control in Visual Studio 2005 Team Server, and his talk will look at doing details of software configuration management with VSTS. Doug’s and Brian’s talks cover different ground and will really give you a feel for what we’re doing. DEVC32 How-To: Managing Software Configurations with Visual Studio 2005 Wednesday, May 26…


Visual Studio 2005 Team System (aka Burton)

The official web site for Visual Studio 2005 Team System is now live, including a Burton blog called AskBurton. I am a developer working on the Burton source control system (Team Foundation), which we code-named Hatteras. Over time I plan to add details about Hatteras and how it works. Here is a good description of Team…


Converting a text file from one encoding to another

The .NET framework handles file encodings very nicely.  Not too long ago, I needed to convert files from one encoding to another for a library that didn’t handle the encoding of the original file.  Since someone on an internal alias asked about doing this a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be useful…


Bill Gates’ visit to the University of Illinois

I didn’t realize that Microsoft hires more computer science graduates from U of I than any other school.  It’s a great school with a lot of bright people (I don’t miss the cold January days, though). Bill Gates, the chief software architect for Microsoft, chose Illinois for his first stop on a three-day, five campus tour to…


Download the VC++ Toolkit

Three weeks ago the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 was made available as a free download.  It’s the full optimizing compiler.  That’s pretty cool.  It doesn’t include the IDE, though people have used it to replace the non-optimizing compiler in the VS Standard edition.