TFS 2015 Update 2: Gated checkin for the new build system (build vNext)

When we shipped the new build system with TFS 2015, we ran out of time to add gated checkin. A lot of customers depend on gated checkin for their workflows, and as a result they’ve been unable to move to the new build system. I’m happy to say we’ve now fixed that.

Among the many features in TFS 2015 Update 2, including the new release management service and extensions, we’ve added support for gated checkin with Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for the new task-based build system (previously called build vNext to distinguish it from the old XAML-based build system).

When you create a new build definition for use with TFVC, you’ll find a new Gated Check-in option in the Triggers tab.


If you are using Git instead and want gated checkin, take a look at using branch policies.

Want to know what’s coming? Check out our roadmap.


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Comments (12)

  1. Christian says:

    Any news regarding “Rolling builds – Builds accumulate until the previous build finishes” ?
    Looks like its missing in build vNext (TFS 2015.1 on premises).

    Batch build is a help, but i would like to accumulate build to say max every 1-2 hour as it was possible with xaml build.

    1. Hi Christian,

      We currently have the Batch option for the CI trigger that will make sure that only one build at a time runs per branch. We are planning to add an option there that will restrict the frequency of the builds as well.

  2. Dave Shaw says:

    Also, any news on batched gated check-ins? This is really usesful for longer running gated builds.

    1. Hi Dave,

      We currently do not have any plans to implement batched gated. We will continue to evaluate, but our primary focus is parity across platforms and some of the features we could hack together using the .NET based Tfvc OM are not straight forward to do in the Java version that we run on OSX and Linux.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am unable to get this feature to work properly. Every time the gated build succeeds and I get an email that the checkins were committed. However they show in source explorer as still check out by “Project Collection Build Service (TEAM FOUNDATION)”.

    I can’t undo them except at the command line and someone told me I must “reconcile” the workspace but I can’t find that option anywhere in the GUI.

    Is everyone else finding this feature works properly except me?

    1. Buck Hodges says:

      Would you open a support case? We can help you with figure out what’s going wrong.

      Though it will not address your issue, I would recommend installing Update 2.1 if you haven’t already. It fixes a number of bugs from Update 2:

  4. Abhishek says:

    There is an option to pause the Gated Builds in xaml based build definitions. This comes in handy to block the teams from submitting and developers can see in the IDE that the Gated is paused. Is there a plan to bring this or there is a different way to do this in vNext.

    1. Buck Hodges says:

      We have feature on our backlog.

  5. Ashish says:

    is it feasible to implement this with GIT ?

  6. Richard says:

    Under the previous version, there was a System Tray application which accompanied visual studio to monitor Gated builds, and “reconcile” your workspace if they were successful. This doesn’t seem to be noticing the successful build completion… should it be?

    1. Richard says:

      It seems that the System Tray application only recognises XAML builds, since the vNext builds don’t appear in its list. So it’s entirely up to me to guess when the build has finished (or use email notification :( ) and then I have to manually reconcile my workspace, and clear the work items and comments, etc in the Pending Changes window. We only moved to vNext due to a move of files in TFS which made the path lengths too long in the old TFS Build agent (we tried configuring them shorter but got build errors due to the agent not tidying up its workspaces). The builds work in vNext because the agent’s path is shorter; but this lack of support for Gated builds is a distinct step backwards compared to XAML builds. Come on Microsoft, Gated builds are your last Unique Selling Point for using TFS version control…

      1. Buck Hodges says:

        Sorry for the take back here. The good new is that you can install the Continuous Delivery Tools extension for VS to get notifications. While the popup itself won’t have the reconcile menu entry, there is a menu entry in VS for that.

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