Visual Studio and Team Explorer 2013 no longer require IE 10 for installation

When Visual Studio 2013 and Team Explorer 2013 were originally released, the installation process required that Internet Explorer 10 or newer was installed. Today we released updated installers that no longer require IE 10.

You will get a warning at the beginning of your installation that looks like the screen shot below. For VS 2013 there is a KB article titled Visual Studio 2013: Known issues when IE10 is not installed that describes what the limitations are if you don’t have IE 10 or newer installed (the “some features” link in the dialog takes you to that KB article). The good news is that there aren’t many things that require IE 10.

TE 2013 will work as you expect without IE 10. There are no limitations for Team Explorer when IE 10 is not installed.

The updated installers are available from the Visual Studio Download page and from the MSDN subscriber downloads. [Update Nov. 13th: Due to a problem with the update to subscriber downloads, the new bits are only available from the Visual Studio Download page. This will be fixed in the next few days.]


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Comments (30)

  1. Mike Douglas says:

    This is great news, thanks!

  2. Jim Miklos says:

    I just tried to install this from the MSDN subscriber page and it is still blocking me from installing VS2013 without IE10.

    I tried this with the VS2013 Professional Web Installer and the VS2013 Premium Web Installer.

  3. buckh says:

    That's really odd. Would give me the specific URL that you used, and I'll get it investigated?

  4. Chris Arnold says:

    I tried as well from the subscriber downloads page, and its still blocking the install. I was unable to download from the VS 2013 product page even while logged in (it kept insisting on a free trial). I ran the installer after downloading from the product search, so I assume you'd need to be logged in to use this link. Thanks!…/securedownloads

  5. FUie says:

    Fawckin finally .. FawCK!NG FINALLY !

  6. buckh says:

    Chris and Jim, I've asked to have someone look into it. Chris, that link you posted is a direct link into the MSDN Subscriber downloads, which would require being signed in with an account that has an MSDN subscription.

  7. buckh says:

    Okay, I have an answer. The problem is that the update to subscriber downloads was incorrect. You must use the download from ( to get the new bits. This should be fixed within a few days. Sorry for the trouble.

  8. Jim Miklos says:

    Thank you very much for getting on this so quickly!

  9. Chris Arnold says:

    Really appreciate your looking into this for us Buck! Thank you!

  10. Wael says:

    I just downloaded the ultimate iso from my msdn and tried to install, still telling me I need IE10!, is the problem being resolved or do I need to install a special update or something? Thanks

  11. Jeff Beehler says:

    @Wael – We completed the update to MSDN with the latest VS 2013 bits on Monday at 10am Pacific Time.  If you tried downloading the Ultimate ISO before that, please try again.  If you downloaded the ISO after that, please contact me directly and we'll get things straightened out for you.  jeffbe AT microsoft DOT com.


  12. Wael says:


    Thanks for the response, we have just finished downloading the ultimate version from MSDN and the problem is still there. I don't think it has been fixed for the ultimate version. Thanks,

  13. Jeff Beehler [MSFT] says:

    @Wael – just confirming that working offline we concluded that you were getting the updated bits and that the message box warning about the lack of IE10 now has a 'Continue' button allowing you to proceed with the full installation of VS2013.  Sorry for the confusion but I'm happy you're now unblocked.



  14. Asif says:

    Ive visual studio 2012 installed and updated Team Explorer for VS2013 but cannot create team projs.  Anyone know what I'm missing?  I downloaded teamexplorer from (

  15. Nick McCollum says:

    Anyone know when the bits will be updated on the volume license download site for volume licensing customers? The bits out there are still dated October 16.

  16. Jeff Beehler (MSFT) says:

    @Nick – I just checked with the VL team about the updated version of VS2013.  It turns out that the bits were updated on 7-Nov as previously announced.  However, the team neglected to update the timestamp on the download page at the same time. They've now corrected that oversight. I apologize for any confusion this situation might have caused you.


  17. yuhong2 says:

    Further fixes for IE9 and older are in the Update 1 RC that is available now:…/2911573

  18. Vance S says:

    Does a VS "Update" make IE10 not required for those of us that have already installed VS 2013?

  19. buckh says:

    Vance, as for the re-release of VS 2013 to remove the IE10 requirement, no. The only change was so that setup would no longer block but instead warn – no benefit to you installing it again if you've already gotten it installed. Additional changes will be in Update 1.

  20. GSK says:

    Hi Buck, I have VS2013 installed on my setup. It asked me to install IE11 which I did it and works fine.

    For some reason I have been asked to un-install IE11 by my IT department. If I do that will my VS2013 will continue to work with out any issues? Please let me know. Thanks

  21. buckh says:

    GSK, yes, you would be okay so long as you either have IE10 for the features that require it (not many features) or don't use the features that require IE10. The list of features affected is at…/en-us.

  22. GSK says:

    Thanks Buck for the quick response.

  23. BobSort1 says:

    Visual studio 2013 express consistently (every 10~20 seconds) tries to connect to 65:52:103:247:443

    It shows up on my firewall and I wouldn't see it if I was using windows firewall.

    I was wondering what it is trying to send? I disabled startup page, replaced search and homepage with a local blank page.

    Did I agree in a term that allows it to send information to MS that I am not aware of?

    What is the content of the packages that are sent via SSL to microsoft?

  24. buckh says:

    BobSort1, the certificate for that site shows It turns out that IP address corresponds with ( You can find out more about the data collection at…/dn425032.aspx.

  25. JR says:

    I'm still trying to figure out how  to get VS13 Premium to install on my laptop.  I get that IE10 block and have read the above posts but haven't found a solution on the links provided.  if there is a specific file I need to download can someone please post the direct link?  Thanks  I have a VS Premium msdn subscription and the installation files from that site are still from Nov 2013 and have the block within the installation file.


  26. buckh says:

    JR, would you email me a screenshot of the installation screen that you get that blocks your installation (buckh-microsoft-com)?

    Meanwhile, you can try the web install download at…/details.aspx to get unblocked right now.

  27. AC says:

    I am trying to download VS 2013 Ultimate with update 3. I download the web installer but when I run it I get a popup error "Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 with Update  3  has stopped working . A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program  and notify you if a solution is available".  I am running Windows 7 SP1 64 bit. Any ideas what is wrong?

  28. buckh says:

    AC, I don't know, unfortunately. The best suggestion I have for that is to contact customer support. You can do that by going to…/support-overview-vs, going to section 3 "answer wasn't there" and click on the Visual Studio tile.

  29. Justin says:

    Yey thanks for this post.

  30. Tom says:

    So, I wonder what you guys were thinking when you decided to useless the whole package with a supposed optional requirement in the first place! Crazy!

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