Running only impacted tests in TFS 2010 Build

Richard Hundhausen pointed out this blog post recently, and I thought I’d mention it here.  Rob Maher walks through the process of setting up a build definition to run only the tests that involve the code that was changed.

TFS 2010 Build - Only run impacted tests

If your tests take a long time to run, you may wish to only run the tests that have been impacted by code changes checked in with the build (and of course run a full nightly build that executes all tests :) Unfortunately there is no out of the box feature to do this, so we need to edit our build xaml to do it.


Comments (2)

  1. Automation Planet says:

    Thanks Buck, I remember I tried to do this before but I couldn't.

    Did you know if the new VS 11 beta has this feature in the box or not?

  2. buckh says:

    Radwan, unfortunately it is not in the box for VS 11.


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