TFS client API changes from Beta 2 to RC

While I don’t have a comprehensive list, I do want to point out these four changes in particular because these classes are fundamental to the API.  If you have written code with the Beta 2 client API, here are the changes you will need to be aware of to use the RC client API.

  • TeamFoundationServerBase is now TfsConnection.
  • TeamFoundationApplicationInstance is now TfsConfigurationServer.
  • TfsTeamProjectCollection replaces TeamFoundationServer.
  • TeamFoundationServer is now obsolete.  It still works, but there are limitations with using it because it is not aware of collections.

[UPDATE 2/12/10]  Jim Lamb has posted updated TFS SDK docs:

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Comments (6)

  1. grantholliday says:

    You can also see my blog for a list of the changes and why they were made:

  2. HannuT says:

    Hi Buck, thanks for pointting these out…

    Do you have any plans to publish the TFS SDK documentation in MSDN for RC or do we have to wait for the RTM until we get it?

    Br, HannuT

  3. buckh says:

    Hannu, Jim Lamb ( is working on that.  I don’t have a date yet, but stay tuned!


  4. Rudi says:

    Hi Buck,

    Will there be a TFS Client API redistributable for TFS 2010? There are a number of tools and solutions that provide access to TFS using the Client API, but currently one needs to install the Team Explorer (and VS Sp’s) to get the API installed. This has been a hurdle for a number of reasons.



  5. buckh says:

    Rudi, unfortunately the story remains the same with 2010.  We had hoped to address this, but we just couldn’t get to it.  It is on our list for serious consideration for the next release.


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