Team System Web Access 2008 SP1 is now available!

We've now released the final version of TSWA 2008 SP1, which had previously been released as a community technology preview (CTP).  There are some fantastic new features in this release, including the ability for users without CALs to create work items.

Also, this release includes 10 languages: Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian, and Italian.  All 10 languages are included in the download.

Since the installation package includes all ten languages, you may wonder why you can choose the language on the download web page.  It turns out that the installer itself can only support one language for the installation wizard.  So, when you choose the language on the download web page, you are choosing to download the installer in that language.  The actual product that gets installed is the same for all languages and includes all languages.

Download Team System Web Access 2008 SP1

New features in TSWA 2008 SP1 (compared to TSWA 2008)

  • Work item only view (accessed at http://tswa-server:8090/wiwa) provides access for users within your company that don't have a TFS client access license (CAL), which was made possible by a licensing change in TFS for the 2008 release.  It allows you to create new work items and edit work items you have created.  Users of the full TSWA features must have CALs. The feature was previously available as a separate download called Work Item Web Access (WIWA) in the CTP.  We've consolidated it into the TSWA installation process for the final release.
  • This release supports running a single instance with multiple languages.
  • Work item template URLs allow you to easily create an URL to include in emails, for example, so that users file bugs with particular fields pre-filled according to your needs.  I wrote a post about this very useful feature in TSWA tip: How to use the new TSWA template URL feature (initial value URL).
  • Share ad-hoc work item queries by including WIQL in the URL.  Normally, queries can only be shared by saving them as Team Queries in Team Explorer.  Using this feature, you can embed the query in the URL by using the work item tracking query language directly.
  • Find and view Shelvesets from within TSWA.  For example, you can use this feature to perform code reviews using only your browser.
  • Improved work item search syntax (e.g., Title:"Bug Bash") provides greater flexibility in searching for work items, greatly expanding the original search feature.  The search syntax follows Outlook and web search engine syntax.  You can find some more examples of using it in my post about the release of the CTP (second half of that post).

Additionally, I've posted periodically about the great features in TSWA in posts tagged TSWA Tip.

Comments (10)

  1. El Bruno says:

    Buenas, pues esta vez viene todo junto. No hace falta esperar un par de semanas hasta que estén todos

  2. News says:

    We've now released the final version of TSWA 2008 SP1, which had previously been released as a community

  3. Buck Hodges on Team System Web Access 2008 SP1 is now available! Ed Hintz on Team System Web Access…

  4. says:

    Sorry for asking that here, but could you tell me how to tell TFS for WIWA wich user group has access to "Work Item Only View" ?

    Even with adding "domain users"or any particular user at some places in team system rights management/group memebership (projet and/or server level), any unlicenced user is rejected form WIWA with error code TF53011… I’m on a workgroup TFS.

    Also, haven’t seen any official Doc about "Work item Only view" specific installation.

  5. buckh says:

    FrenchW, unfortunately there is no way currently to restrict the use of the work item only view to a particular security group using TFS.  You can, however, set permissions on the vroots in IIS for either or both work item only and full TSWA.

    Workgroup mode adds an interesting wrinkle.  The workgroup edition of TFS only allows 5 users.  Is that what you are hitting?

    The only documentation page that I know of is  You’ve probably already been there since it’s linked from the post above.

    The installation of the work item only view happens as part of installing TSWA.  In the CTP, there was a separate installer for what was then called WIWA, but it’s now in the regular TSWA installation.


  6. says:

    Sorry, that did not it. Follow it here (don’t want to poluate your blog)

  7. buckh says:

    Okay.  Hakan says he’s going to follow up.


  8. Hakan Eskici says:

    For the questions related to Work Item Only View and TFS Workgroup Edition, I’ve published a blog post that explains a few things:


  9. Russell says:

    Is there anything to be concerned about with running this over an existing installation of the previous release? AKA …does this "upgrade" you to SP1, like one would expect? or does the previous TSWA need to be uninstalled first?

    What about previous settings and permissons, etc? Do they all stay intact?


  10. Hakan says:


    It won’t "upgrade". You need to unintall the old version first. During uninstall, you can optionally preserve your existing settings.

    After uninstalling the old version, install the new version to the same directory and that should be it.



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