Team Foundation Server 2008 Beta 2: Summary of links to Team Build information

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, including Team Foundation Server 2008, is now available for download.  As mentioned in Soma's post, Beta 2, unlike beta 1, includes the "go live" provision in the license, meaning that you can use it in production.  We've been using TFS 2008 beta 2 on our main internal dogfood server now for the last two months (well, it's close to being the same as beta 2 -- it's actually an very early snapshot).  You can check out the stats in Brian's post.

When Beta 1 was released, I put together a list of links about the Team Build features in Orcas.  If you are looking for a list of links related to TFS 2005, you can find those here (and Jeff has posted links to the TechEd 2007 presentations).

Here's my updated list of links about Team Build features in TFS 2008 (check out Brian's post for a list of all TFS 2008 features).  If you have questions or feedback about anything in beta 2, please let us know (either here or in the forum).  We're anxious to hear what you think!

Overview of features in Build for TFS 2008


Vista Sidebar Gadgets to monitor builds (we're working on an equivlaent to CCTray)

Details on how things work, customizations, etc.

Object Model API

Using the API via PowerShell

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  1. Is it possible to Build projects from TFS 2005 that have been converted to 2008 but kept at 2.0 Framework?  

    I opened a simple 2005/2.0 Application in VS 2008, which converted the .sln and .vbproj files.  The Project’s target was kept at 2.0.  I also modified the TF 2005 Build type to refer to a 2005 copy of the .sln file.  However the BuildType on TFS 2005 seems to choke on a Reference in the .vbproj file (Please notice ‘v9.0’, in a 2005 proj this reads ‘v8.0’):

    Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)MicrosoftVisualStudiov9.0WebApplicationsMicrosoft.WebApplication.targets"

    Short of manually editing the proj file, what is the best way around this?  Or is it not possible after opening a project in VS2005 to then Build it from TFS 2005

  2. Buck has just posted that Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is now available for download and includes a “Go Live” license, which allows you to use it in production. The team has been eating their own dog food as 2 of the 21 instances of TFS at Mi..

  3. buckh says:

    Unfortunately, the solution files are "upgraded" when opened by VS 2008.  In general, the only thing that really changed is the version number.  The TFS 2005 build agent always runs the 2.0 msbuild.  If the 2.0 msbuild will load the solution after VS 2008 has changed the version number, then I would guess that it would work (I admit I haven’t tried it myself).

    Regarding the web application projects, those were first added to the product in Visual Studio 2005 SP1.  It may be the case that you could install VS 2008 on your build computer and get the build to work, because then the 9.0 web applications targets file would exist.  I’d be curious to know what happens in this case.


  4. Buck Hodges says:

    I ran across the following post by James Dawson and thought it may be of interest to folks trying to

  5. Gee, time flys when you are having fun. I can’t believe it’s been another 4 months since my last post

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  7. Brain Harry в своем блоге опубликовал финальный перечень фич TFS 2008

  8. thx to Brian Harry, we have a first view at the feature list for the brand new Team Foundation Server

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