Orcas: Scheduled builds now support building even when there are no changes

Back in February, I wrote a post on the build scheduling feature that we've added for Orcas.  In that post, I stated that we designed it such that the scheduled build only occurs if there has been a checkin that affects the build.

Based on feedback, we changed it so that you have the option to force the scheduled build to run even if nothing has been checked in.  I've updated the original post to include the feature change.  If you look at the bottom of the dialog, you'll see there is a checkbox that allows you to have the scheduled build always run.

As always, we appreciate your feedback!  We really do listen.  Obviously, there are lots of cases where we can't respond with a quick product change due to various constraints, but it's really great when we can.

You'll see this feature whenever Orcas Beta 2 is released.

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  1. MichaelGiagnocavo says:

    The new Team Build totally rocks. I was simply blown away by how easy it was!

    I did a demo for some people and they were pretty shocked. "Oh, continuous integration? Yea one click here, and you’re done."

    I’d like to limit the project alerts to alert me all failures, but only successes on builds that I generated (i.e., contain my changeset). This is because if someone else is doing a lot of checkins, I end up with tons of TFS emails: 1 for the checkin, one for the build.

    I haven’t run into any major problems so far with TFS Orcas B1. Everyone’s loving it…

  2. buckh says:

    We’re delighted to hear that you like it!

    You can filter checkin and build emails, but you can’t do it via the dialog in VS unfortunately.

    Here’s a link on how to do it manually via bissubscribe: http://blogs.msdn.com/buckh/archive/2006/09/29/checkinevent-path-filter.aspx.

    Jeff Atwood has posted a GUI tool on CodePlex that makes this much easier.

    Here’s the blog post: http://blogs.vertigosoftware.com/teamsystem/archive/2007/02/08/Team_Foundation_Server_Event_Subscription_Tool.aspx

    Here’s the direct link to the tool: http://www.codeplex.com/tfseventsubscription.

    In a future release, we plan to have some way to do it via a GUI in the product.


  3. noocyte says:

    Excellent! Thanx a bunch for listening! :)

  4. Frank K says:

    This looks great…I have not used this yet so forgive me if this is already in there somewhere but what about an option to create builds based on checkin’s is specific folders only (and perhaps also an option to filter by file extension).  I would find this helpful since it can take a while to build our products so I don’t what any old checkin to kick off any new build (those can wait for the nightly build) but there are some key projects that we should monitor since they are ref by a large number of other projects.  

  5. buckh says:

    noocyte, I’m glad we could respond.  Thanks again for your input.


  6. buckh says:

    Thanks, Frank.

    While you can’t filter by file extension (we’ve talked about adding that possibly in a future release), you can "cloak" any folders or files that you don’t want in your build by changing the workspace mappings in the build definition dialogs.  The cloaked folders will not be included in the build or monitored for checkins for the build defintion.

    I haven’t posted a screenshot of the build definition dialog, but you can see it in the following document: http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/9/c/59cd0dc5-4691-4c3e-840c-66d865f27692/orcas-continuous-integration.xps.


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