Orcas: Unit testing to be available in Visual Studio Professional

Naysawn Naderi wrote a post today stating that many of the unit test features in Team System will be included in Visual Studio Professional in Orcas.

Here's the entire post, but I've highlighted part below that I think you'll want to read and perhaps provide feedback to the team as to your opinion.  If folks want this, you may want to open an item on Connect and then post here (or somewhere else) so that other folks can vote on it.

Before you get too excited, beta 1 isn't out, and it isn't standing at the door waiting to be released.  I think that comment is just there so that whenever it does come out, you'll know that those features were consciously omitted.

Unit Testing Trickling into Pro!

Due to popular demand we have decided to add the majority of the unit testing features of Team System to the Pro Sku of Visual Studio.  With the release of Orcas, the support for authoring, generating and running unit tests, will become available to the users of the Pro Sku of Visual Studio. Pro customers will also take advantage of the some of the unit testing improvements we have added into Orcas, specifically generating for generics, performance improvements, the ability to unit test devices and better IDE integration (I’ll try my best to blog on the details soon). We are in general very open to the concept of trickling down other functionality introduced in Team System into other Skus over time, so please let us know if you feel that other items should trickle down as well. Keeping this pattern keeps us on our toes to ensure that we are always adding high value features higher up the stack. We love hearing your feedback and take your suggestions very seriously (I’m not just saying this - I have been continually surprised at how much time is spent on user’s feedback).

Again, we are very excited about the trickle down as we hope that it will introduce the concept of unit testing to the average .Net developer.  Our team hopes that every developer will see the major benefits of unit testing and will regularly author and execute the tests throughout the product life cycle.    

To the beta users: you may notice that a few pieces of the unit testing puzzle is missing from the Pro Versions of Beta 1 – specifically, authoring test lists, remotely executing tests and generating code coverage results.  We have been debating if some of these features should also trickle down and would be very interested in your feedback.  For example, the ability to author test lists has been excluded from the Pro Sku since many felt that its chief benefit comes to those which author test lists and run them as a part of a Build Verification Test prior to checking code into Team Foundation Server. Some, however feel that it is still convenient to organize tests in a list regardless of check-ins.  How do you feel? Does the test list editor (formerly called Test Manager) belong in Pro?  

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Comments (7)

  1. Bob Hanson says:

    The above mentioned items for unit testing are very much needed by the developer and I would hope these are in the Pro SKU for Orcas.

  2. Will the Orcas Unit Testing capability extend to native C++ projects as well?

    VSTS is sorely lacking in this regard; I hope Orcas begins to change that.

  3. buckh says:

    Unfortunately, the answer is that there is not any native C++ unit testing support in Orcas.


  4. There is a cold chill in the air today. For those of you that don’t pay attention in the developer world,

  5. I would like to place a vote for adding code coverage into the Pro version.  At present, I use NUnit, and NCoverage.  It seems to me that providing test functionality without adding coverage information is providing half of the solution.



  6. Unit testing features will now be available in the Professional version of Visual Studio 2008. Unit…

  7. Unit testing features will now be available in the Professional version of Visual Studio 2008 . Unit

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