Channel 9 interview and demo of Orcas Team Build

The interview, which contains a demo, has finally been posted (you may remember it being mentioned in December).  I'd like to say thanks to Brian Keller for doing this!

Continuous Integration with Team Build “Orcas”

Jim Lamb and Buck Hodges on the Team Foundation Server team show off the new Continuous Integration support they are building for the "Orcas" release of Team Foundation Server! ‘nuff said. Check out the demo!

see the video...

This demo was done with a build near the end of the feature crew for CI, and I'm happy to say that it went really well (a demo is usually a good test!).  You'll know that the demo is real when we make a wrong choice and have to figure out what we did wrong.  It didn't take us long to figure it out, but we went and improved that experience of dealing incorrect workspace mappings better after this.  Making it easier to debug problems is one of the things that we've tried to do in Orcas.

Scheduled builds are supported as well, but they didn't exist when this interview occurred.

You can try it out for yourself in the March Orcas CTP.  It doesn't have build scheduling either, but it's got everything else you'll see in the interview.

Be sure to check out Brian's other interviews of folks in the North Carolina office.

[UPDATE 4/26/2007]  The final two interviews have been posted!

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  1. J.D. Meier on Structuring Projects for Team Foundation Server. Buck Hodges on Channel 9 interview…

  2. Mike Bouck says:

    Sounds like great stuff is coming — keep up the good work!

    One thing that we’re strugging with in v1 is that for a given Build Type, all selected solutions get their outputs dumped into the same drop directory.  This is fairly useless  as I have no way of knowing which build outputs belong to a specific solution in a deployment scenario.  The way we’re working around this currently is to define a seperate Build Type per solution — hardly ideal.  Any improvements in this area?  Thanks!

  3. Buck Hodges says:

    As Jeff Beehler points out , we shipped TFS one year ago today. In the intervening time, we reorganized

  4. This will be quite simple in Orcas, Mike – you’ll be able to set the output subdirectory for each item in the SolutionToBuild item group individually through Properties metadata. Something like this:

    <SolutionToBuild Include="foo.sln">



    We’re also exposing a property, called $(TeamBuildOutDir), that you can use to customize output subdirectories for each project within a solution – typically you would do this by setting the OutputPath within your project to something like:


    Outside of a Team Build build, $(TeamProjectOutDir) will evaluate to the empty string; within a Team Build build it will evaluate to the current default output location.

  5. Buck Hodges says:

    Aaron Hallberg took a month off after the birth of his daughter, Stella . Now that he’s back, he’s got

  6. Buck Hodges says:

    Last fall, Clark Sell wrote a blog post called Stop, the build is broken!! that introduced a checkin

  7. Buck Hodges says:

    As you probably already know, Orcas Beta 1 has shipped. Internally, the product team is focused on finding

  8. I have been meaning to blog on this for a days now – today I decided to stop procrastinating. Most have

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